Troubador The Adventures of a Mzungu

Released: 28/11/2016

eISBN: 9781785897009

Format: eBook

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The Adventures of a Mzungu

A light-hearted look a the ups and downs of visiting Africa


The Adventures of a Mzungu takes a light-hearted look at the ups and downs of travelling and working in Africa, as seen through the eyes of a bewildered novice who had never before wandered outside of the UK. Travel with David on his first visit to a Nairobi shanty town, where he is startled by a Masai security guard, has his first taste of African public transport, and survives an encounter with a water buffalo. Along the way, David experienced adventures on aeroplanes, at airports, on prison and hospital visits, when he came face-to-face with an ostrich, and when he tried his hand at driving in crazy African traffic. (Rules of the road? What rules? You just give way to anything bigger than you!) David’s twelve-month visit to Uganda in 2007 brought him closer to the people in its villages, and opened his eyes to the need for training for the village church leaders. He realised that the leaders could not afford to visit the larger towns and cities, so the training needed to go to them. Over the next few years, David identified a suitable course, undertook the necessary training as a presenter, and is currently presenting the course to church leaders who are, in turn, taking the teaching to even the remotest villages. The Adventures of a Mzungu is a thought-provoking account of David’s experiences that will both aid and inspire those thinking about volunteering in charitable organisations, whether Christian-based or secular.

'The Adventures of a Mzungu' is currently in the progress of being published by Matador. Look out for further news.

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David  Ardron

David Ardron has been making regular visits to Uganda since 1990 and has developed a love for African people, and those who seek to make life better for them.

Born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, David has lived in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire since 1971 and made a career in Administration in businesses, charities, and church-based organisations. Now retired from paid work David devotes his time to encouraging others to develop all areas of their lives.

The author enjoys an evening out with friends.

Kampala Taxi Park.
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