Troubador The Advanced Power State

Released: 20/02/2010

ISBN: 9781848762831

Format: Paperback

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The Advanced Power State

To make you successful in life


Perfect for anyone looking for increased success in work performance and for greater success in their personal life, Advanced Power State presents a set of tools to help readers work towards greater success. It takes you through a formula for being successful, and touches upon important topics such as: Knowledge and power, people management, motivation and behaviour training, networking and communications. The Advanced Power State is the indispensable guide to success.

The Advanced Power State is about a state of being that you can achieve and was written through those 25 years picking up practical knowledge working with very senior figures across many different industries.

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David Tinney

David Tinney started working developing skills in people over 25 years ago working specifically on Management and Leadership. David was Managing Director of an electronics manufacturing company for over 9 years and a group director for a further 3.

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