Troubador Strategic Gift Shopping

Released: 28/06/2014

eISBN: 9781783066797

Format: eBook

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Strategic Gift Shopping

Improve Your Game


Gift shopping for your special someone can be looked at as an extreme sport, survival of sorts, where street-smarts and endurance play a role, but where a winning game plan makes the difference.

Designed for the guys who continue to agonize over what gift to get and how to approach gift shopping for the hardest to please species, ladies, this book takes on the challenge of devising that game plan, helping the modern guy get out of the dugout, keep his eye on the ball and swing for the bleachers.

It may be tough, but it has been done and can be done. With the different advice and suggestions this small guidebook comes loaded with, anyone can improve their gift shopping acumen and realize constant and growing relationship return, and have fun (or at least reduced agony) when doing it.

It’s designed to give a guy an edge… or a life vest.

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