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Released: 30/08/2018

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Stop Dieting and Lose Weight

How the Food Industry is Keeping us Fat and How We Can Fix It


Have you ever been on a diet and struggled through it, only to gain back the weight you’ve lost? Do you feel like you can’t eat the foods you love, because they're adding inches to your waist? Why do we sometimes feel like we just can’t stop eating our favourite treats, even though we know they're bad for us?

Don’t worry; it is not your fault! The Food Industry is doing everything in its power to keep you eating to increase their profits -and your waistline. If you want to know how the Food Industry is ruining our health and how you can get your health back on track, than this book is a must read.

Learn about the amount of sugar we all consume on a daily basis, and the severe health issues it is causing. Learn how to avoid these sugar traps, and take away an arsenal of tips and tricks to help you get healthy. This book will help you make the right choices for a healthy lifestyle, rather than living a life of fad diets and cutting out all of your favourite foods.

Say goodbye to calorie restrictions and say hello to a healthy and happy you.

Personally, I struggled for years getting rid of unwanted fat and trying to get healthy. I have a family history of cardiac disease and lost my father and uncle to heart attacks at an early age. At age 31 my cholesterol levels and blood pressure were too high and was heading towards an early heart attack. This led me to focus on long-term lifestyle changes to get healthy and not just try a quick fix, calorie restrictive diet to lose some weight. When I started focusing on getting healthy first, the fat loss was much quicker and permanent.

After years of educating myself and experimenting with health programs, food, and meal timings etc. I decided to write this book and share my knowledge and findings. There is so much information on training and nutrition, but causing so much confusion as all the “experts” tend to conflict one another. Instead of writing a diet plan to follow, I look at how we can eat the real “human diet”, the way we were meant and designed. With this new found health, the permanent fat loss will occur without going “on’ a diet, but as a by-product of a healthy lifestyle. You can’t be healthy and overweight.

This book is a must-read for anyone, no matter age or gender, who has tried to lose weight in the past but can't keep it off. This easy read is backed by science and explained in a way that will make logical sense. We look at how the Food Industry is doing everything in its power for us to consume more and more food but also shows you how easy it is to make a few lifestyle changes and take your health back. Don't focus on fat loss to get healthy but when we focus on getting healthy first, the permanent fat loss will happen.

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My first thought when I started reading "Stop Dieting and Lose Weight" was that the title was a contradiction. Up until I read Philip’s book, I thought dieting and weight loss went hand in hand. How could you lose weight if you’re not dieting? Philip provides the answer to this (and many more questions that I had personally) in the first few chapters of his book. What’s more, he does it with an uncomplicated and back-to-basics approach.

My previous experience of most nutritional advice or guidance is that it gets bogged down in too much science, too quickly which has usually resulted in me having more questions than answers and defaulting back to familiar habits. Or they avoid science completely and take the prescriptive approach of telling you to "eat this, not that", without ever explaining why. With Stop Dieting and Lose Weight, I personally felt like I was being told what questions I should ask before I eat something. To me, this is a distinguishing feature about this book: it's made adjusting my eating habits sustainable because I finally understand how to make better choices.

As a parent trying to raise a healthy family, and as an adult approaching an age where many of my peers and colleagues seem to be getting afflicted with chronic illnesses brought on by lifestyle choices over the years, I feel like this book has been a long overdue wake-up call. By dispelling some common myths that I’ve long held as truths (such as breakfast being the most important meal of the day, or the fact that you can offset unhealthy eating by exercising regularly), as well as including small food hacks that pack huge benefits (see the sections on apple cider vinegar and psyllium husk), this is a book that has enabled me to start making smarter food choices for myself and my family.

by Robert Whitaker

As someone who has tried most diets out there, this book resonated with me. It is such an optimistic approach. Philip provides a practical and do-able approach to weight loss. The problem with diets is that willpower weakens over time and as soon as "life happens" or we have a moment of weakness, we revert right back to our old habits. It doesn’t help that the Food Industry is doing everything in its power to help us make the wrong choices!
The best about the ideas in this book, are that they’re so simple and anyone can do them. This book is a must read for anyone who has been unsuccessful losing weight in the past and full of helpful information and tips to lead you in the right direction. Basically it is a book of common sense where weight loss is concerned. I highly recommend it! It certainly makes you think about what you put in your mouth.

by Marne Schneider

This is the first book I've read that helped me understand what's really going on when I eat...and why I want to eat more!! I've already started to think differently and change my eating habits. It really is a must read for anyone fed up with just dieting and not getting anywhere. Terrific piece of work.

by Stewart Davies

Wow, just reading the first chapter of this book makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. This book should be a must-read for every household. It sheds light on how companies manipulate advertising and food products to make us believe we are eating something “healthy” when in fact they are pushing unhealthy foods that are more addictive than cocaine.

Even though some of the diet information has been around for a while, Philip Swart does an excellent job of condensing key points into manageable and easy to read and follow information and instructions. This book is an excellent resource to have as a reminder on what to look for on labels, what fruits/vegetables have the most nutrients, and being mindful when grocery shopping or eating out. Stop Dieting and Lose Weight has great resources and examples of the things we should eat, things we should avoid, and practical and easy to implement advice.

The 7 days to break up with sugar presented easy solutions on how to slowly cut sugar from our diets. The book also includes several smoothie recipes and a comprehensive list of age-erasing, anti-wrinkle foods. I also appreciated the continued disclaimers to always check with your doctor before trying anything new, especially if taking medication.

by Paula Lopez

If you're having issues and/or complications with not losing weight, then you need this book! There are 15 chapters in this book that help you understand why, after all the yo-yo and fad diets you've done, aren't working.

This book gives you tips and advice on how to achieve your weight loss goal the healthy way. One of the main issues that Stop Dieting and Lose Weight talks about is sugar and how it affects your body.

I highly recommend #StopDietingAndLoseWeight, I've read many books about weight loss and this one had new and fresh ideas on the matter, plus a shopping list to help you find what you need to reach to your goals!

by Melinda Henning

I have put on some pounds over the past three years and I have always been health conscious, so I was excited to get a copy of Stop Dieting and Lose Weight by Philip Swart. This book is packed with educational information and helpful tips. The author breaks down what to look for on a label and how to decipher what it all means. A practical plan to reduce sugar consumption is included. I didn’t agree with some of the tips, like daily apple cider vinegar (I tried his in the past and it led to issues) and the use of fiber supplements, so I took one star of my rating.

by Shelley Harlander

I am trying to change my diet and this book is very useful for me. It is full of information. Easy to read. I really liked it. I am going to try 7 days to break up with sugar part.

by Gokce Kaya

An educational and informative book for anyone who wants to learn more about diets (or lack of) and real nutrition. Stop dieting and lose weight is an eye opening insight into changing your life without branding it a diet.

by Alix Mcmurdo

This book focuses on the science of eating right. It talks about the things to add in your diet, things to avoid and things to moderate. It talks about the best forms of exercise.

The best part of the book is the way it talks about was how it talked about the way food industry is manipulating our choices for its personal gain. The information while shocking was also an eye-opener that it's actually impossible to eat perfectly because of how much the world has already changed while trying our best to eat clean.

by Priya Jain

Well researched and explained in easy to understand language, this is not a diet book. It explains how foods are digested and what different elements give to the body to help it function at its best.
Naturally any book regarding food or eating patterns will be controversial. This author not only states the facts but backs them up with data to support them.

Reading this book will make you look at what you put in your mouth differently

by Laura DogsMom-Roth

Stop Dieting and Lose Weight is an inconsistent book. Some of the advice, such as reducing sugar consumption, is a no brainer, and some of it (drinking regular shots of apple cider vinegar) is unproven and may even be bad for you. The main focus of this book is to alert its readers to the conspiracy within the food industry to manipulate its customers into consuming low-quality foods that are high in fat, salt, and sugar. Some of this food is even marketed as being healthy in an attempt to blatantly fool the consumer. Though there was no new information in this book that hasn’t been written about before, it is presented in a very comprehensive manner and therefore would be a good first resource to pick up if you are new to the subject matter.

by Kendall Hall

This is an extensive guide to eating right for health. It covers everything you need to know, from nutrients to busting diet myths, offering practical advice to lose weight and transform your diet for life. But this is no textbook - it's an easy, accessible read. There is no blame, no ridiculous meal plans to follow. Just the foundation and building blocks of knowledge you need to make the best choices with your food.

by Sarah Urquhart

Interesting book! I enjoyed it. It was very well-written and informative, obviously heavily researched. I would have NEVER guessed there were so many names for sugar - it's great to know what to be on the lookout for on food labels.

by Lesley

Philip Swart

Philip Swart has a degree in Emergency Medical Care from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa. He is currently working as a medical and health consultant for International SOS and specializes in managing the health and well-being of clients who work in remote locations and hostile environments.

Having worked and traveled all across Africa, South America, The Middle-East, and Far Eastern Russia, it was clear how different lifestyles and diets are from the modern western world diet. Further medical and scientific research confirmed that our lifestyle and food are the top two contributing factors to the increase in obesity, Type II Diabetes, Cancer and Heart Disease.

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