Troubador Sound Sleep

Released: 28/02/2020

eISBN: 9781838597955

Format: eBook

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Sound Sleep

Calming and Helping Your Baby or Child to Sleep


Sound Sleep is a widely-researched book for parents with babies, toddlers or older children. The book is full of useful insights, inspiring stories, handy checklists and a variety of easy-to-understand skills and strategies for you to use and to remember. It includes vital research findings and knowledge from world- renowned baby care specialists. 

It offers practical tips for soothing your new baby to sleep with touch, warmth and settling routines. It helps you understand the cues your baby is giving you all the time and how best to respond to them. It describes ways to introduce a day and night rhythm for you and your baby so that broken nights and sleep starvation can become the exception rather than the rule. The book offers strategies which have been proven to quickly comfort a crying or screaming baby or toddler. It introduces ‘Timed Settling’ for getting wakeful toddlers into the habit of sleeping through the night, and other tactics to solve older children’s sleep problems.

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