Troubador Soul Bytes

Released: 28/03/2015

ISBN: 9781784621728

Format: Paperback

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Soul Bytes

Vol. 1 – To Truly Be


Soul Bytes:?Vol. 1 –?To?Truly Be is a self-help book for people who don’t have time to read self-help books. It comprises 180 simple thoughts and is the first of S.?A.?Mallory’s four-part ‘Soul Bytes’ series. The book speaks about a panoply of topics, including kindness, truth, love, forgiveness, grief, depression, confidence and self-esteem. It is written in a style that is accessible to people of all ages. ‘Love is something you find yourself giving.’ ‘A day seized starts with an hour seized. A life wasted starts with a day wasted.’ ‘Everyone is capable of unkindness at moments of stress or weakness. Understanding is a shield for the heart.’ 'A field of optimism is a launch pad for dreams.’ Containing short and succinct thoughts, Soul Bytes can be read anywhere. Unlike many books of its ilk, it has a comprehensive index so that readers can go straight to what they are looking for. At other times they may want to just dip into it to see what they find! A source of both encouragement and entertainment, Soul Bytes:?Vol. 1 –?To?Truly Be is a self-help tome that will inspire, uplift and entertain readers, giving them a deeper appreciation of life.

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