Troubador Solstice

Released: 28/10/2017

eISBN: 9781788030878

Format: eBook

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Solstice charts the progress of a person determined to fight the exhaustion of unresolved mental issues and looming life challenges, using the movement of the seasons as stabilising focus, starting from the dark of Winter to the light of Spring. Whilst life must continue with high professional and social functionality, the author anchors with elements from philosophy, values, friendship, and nature, to weather intense storms of mental challenge.

Life has no guarantees, so only as the days unfold can they be captured as better or worse, with slow manoeuvring to new boundaries for a personally more manageable and fulfilling present and future, and to cut free from dead weights from the past. As things surface and are revealed, they need to be navigated, and given appropriate marker points in this journey.

Our cerebral, internal side of life isn’t often seen or shared. In the process of resolving self-defeating thoughts, insights into why this is a vital part of our world which deserves more attention are shared through a personal lens of how they arose and what causes them to remain. Whilst we might know and understand the futility of such thoughts and feelings, they nevertheless return and return. They can be changed, with practice, but mostly with care.

In an observational, sometimes raw and disturbing, and occasionally cryptic chart through a year, Solstice shows part of a journey that never stops in our inner most minds.

A review of Julia's book, Solstice, by Richard Khoe - one of her best friends, and only one of two people to read the book prior to its preparation for publishing, follows:

This is a special, intimate book. It's very rare that you get to see as much about someone as Julia reveals here.

One of the things I liked most about the book was the prose. It's tight, descriptive without being oppressively florid. There never seem to be wasted words, and there are some beautiful descriptions that are like rays of light in a difficult time. Yoga is described as "moving inside myself". There is a reference to the moon at one point as "slim, silver, sensuous" or the like.

The descriptions of the birdlife and the astronomy were especially evocative, and Julia clearly has some expertise here. I liked the Great Expectations comparison, with the mist coming over the Dartford. I also really liked the relationship with the Giardini di Giusti and the role that is given in the book.

I also liked the way the book is focused on thoughts and feelings rather than events and people; that's interesting and novel. It paints a picture of the cerebral, internal side of life that isn't seen much. People and events are important too, but Solstice takes an inside out view where the people and events are only relevant in the way they affect what goes on inside. Julia conveyed with a good eye what was significant for her in each event, and what each event/moment meant for her.

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Julia Young

Julia works for an environmental non for profit organisation, working on transforming the trade in timber from illegal and unsustainable, to a sustainable footing - and has done so for just over ten years.

Before this, she spent thirteen years working in mining, ten years of which was based in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa, before returning to the UK to study for a legal masters in International Environmental Law and Policy.

A keen sportsperson, Julia rowed for Great Britain in her late teens, and has also taken part in coastal rowing, fencing, mountain biking, running, canoeing, and swimming.

Julia started writing poetry in her early twenties, as a way of capturing thoughts. Solstice is the first time she has written as a story.

Julia Young, author of Solstice

The beach near Julia's home
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