Troubador Rescue Work

Released: 28/06/2018

ISBN: 9781789013962

Format: Paperback

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Rescue Work

A Personal Reflection


After writing his first book, ‘An Ordinary Life…?’, the author decided to type out the full account of his very first circle experience from his notes. As ‘rescue work’ was part of that, he decided to include all other similar incidents and publish these in one volume. Rescue work involves trying to get those who are ‘stuck’ or who are unable to pass to the spirit world, for a variety of reasons, over to where they should properly be.

The number of books on this particular subject are few in number, and are very disparate as regards detail. Andrew Michael Doig hopes that this publication may be of benefit to those new to this subject, as it gives a detailed account of what happened in several different closed circles.

At the present time he is in a new closed circle (which is not involved with rescue work), attending various seminars throughout the year, and in addition is a trustee of The Lynwood Fellowship, where he occasionally co-organises seminars with other trustees. He is also a life member of the International Spiritualist Federation.

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