Troubador Rejection

Released: 28/04/2022

ISBN: 9781800464803

eISBN: 9781803139005

Format: Paperback/eBook

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An Agent of Success


Rejection: An Agent of success is a non-fiction, inspirational and Christian based book that addresses real life issues in a bold yet sensitive way. It is written mostly in the first person, where the author invites her readers into some of her life’s experiences, particularly in relation to betrayal, rejection, suicide, doubt, grief, loss, failure and so much more. 

The book takes a bold approach in addressing the feelings of rejection that comes from situations like, infidelity, identity crisis, loss of confidence, death, failure etc. but it guides the reader into learning from similar experiences of biblical and historical/present day examples and how they overcame.

This book shares practical ways to overcome rejection and become the best version of yourself. Readers get an insight into the authors own struggles with mental pressures that come from rejection, betrayal loss and victimhood. She shares practical ways to step out of the victimhood mindset to that of victory, no matter how small the victory seems.

The knowledge of God’s existence does not exempt us from rejection. The author encourages that we owe it to ourselves to refuse to be overcome by life's challenges, and to embrace the good news that Rejection can be an Agent of Success.

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