Troubador Recovery from Autism

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789015911

Format: Paperback

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Recovery from Autism

A Resource Handbook Drawn from Biographical Narrative Accounts & Current Research


“Autism/ASD is generally considered to be a ‘lifelong’ condition. However In the last 5 years or so it has been found that some children can ‘lose’ their diagnoses. That is: they can ‘recover’. Researchers do not yet know how this can happen, given the current genetic theory of autism. However, it is not a new phenomenon. In 1974 Ann - a young girl diagnosed with autism - was recovered by her parents and her story published as a book. Hers was the first such account and it described a ‘homemade’ form of behaviour modification which Ann’s parents devised for themselves when no other help was offered. Since then, there have been other recovery stories, most of which have gone unseen or unrecognised. Given recent findings that some children can lose their diagnosis, it is time to re-examine these stories.   

Recovery from Autism is written for the general population and is both accessible and of practical value. It examines published recovery narratives from a psychologists’ perspective. The author, Jennifer Poole, read over 36 such stories prior to commencing the book. After summarising the new, ecological theory of autism presented in her previous book, this companion volume examines the nature of recovery and what this term means to the recovered individuals themselves, and to others working in the field.  It presents an extensive resource of all of the methods and programmes which recovering individuals found useful, with any research available in their support. Finally, it deconstructs the recovery process in relation to the ecological theory of autism/ASD previously presented, to account for why some children may lose their diagnosis, and which children these may be. It further suggests practical ways to help all individuals with autism/ASD who may wish to pursue aspects of health and self-improvement.” 

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