Troubador On Breastfeeding and Bringing up Babies

Released: 29/06/2020

eISBN: 9781838596323

Format: eBook

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On Breastfeeding and Bringing up Babies

Notes to My Sister on Child Rearing


Thinking of breastfeeding your baby? Do you have a partner who is breastfeeding that you would like to support? Not getting enough sleep? This is the book for you.

A collection of wisdom and experience passed on to mothers and fathers, by mothers and fathers. Split into handy short sections, it covers big subjects such as how to get started with breastfeeding, sleep and weaning. A whole new world opens up to you as a parent. Look up Bumbos, pelvic floor exercises and kit lists.

Ideas on how to have fun with your baby in the first year bounce off every page: sing a song, go for a run with the buggy, watch a film or head for the park! This is a celebration of that special first year of bonding with your baby, written by a Mum who successfully breastfed her two children and wants to pass on some tips. She chatted to hundreds of carers in those first couple of years who were very generous with their advice and shared their experiences honestly.

Highs and lows and key decisions are here. Controlled crying? Bottles? Further down the line: what about paternity/maternity leave or going back part time? She would like to share this treasure trove with you, wherever you are.

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Lizzie Smith

Lizzie Smith is a graduate of Cambridge University and Sophia University in Tokyo. She likes to have a pen with her at all times - on the top of icy mountains or even when she is trying to feed a child or a dog. One of her achievements is breastfeeding two bouncing babies.

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