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Released: 28/07/2019

ISBN: 9781838590314

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Never Again

Moving On from Narcissistic Abuse and Other Toxic Relationships


Dr. Sarah Davies draws from her clinical expertise, largely gained from working with individuals at her Harley Street practice in London, as well as from her personal experiences with narcissistic abuse, to put together this practical guide to understanding and moving on from toxic relationships.

If you have experienced narcissistic abuse and want to avoid a repeat experience, Never Again - moving on from narcissistic abuse and other toxic relationships can help you to:

• Learn about Narcissism & identify Narcissistic Abuse
• Develop tools and coping strategies including emotional regulation, mindfulness and grounding techniques
• Learn a range of practical tips and tools to break the cycle of abuse.
• Learn a 4-step refocus tool helping you to move on more quickly
• Work on your self-esteem, values, self-compassion and forgiveness
• Address any unhelpful thinking or beliefs that may be holding you back
• Learn about trauma and narcissistic abuse and how to manage emotional overwhelm or distress
• Learn about healthy boundaries and how to hold them
• Develop clearer, healthier communication
In this new book, Dr. Davies shows readers how to identify narcissistic abuse, but also the tools needed to move on and potentially end destructive relationship patterns once and for all.

You can find out more about Dr. Sarah Davies and Never Again – Moving On from Narcissistic Abuse and Other Toxic Relationships here:


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How can one survive, thrive, and move forward in life after narcissism?
Careful planning, attention to detail, boundaries, self care, prioritize, positivity, unity, togetherness, and creating supporting structures.
As a survivor of a malignant narc the longer one was involved the more time required but it can be done and you can try to create a sense of balance and normalcy.
What I found comforting in this novel was the notion that narcs are like vultures who prey upon their unsuspecting targets.
If someone grew up feeling inadequate, without proper guidance, issues of anxiety, fear, shame; absent love/nurturing from a parent or both parents, someone who feels they are not worthy than they are open and vulnerable to this type of toxic individual who senses the boundaries are not built to withstand the storm coming their way.
You must ask yourself what's you want, need, or must have in moving forward.
Use your set backs as set ups for greatness.
Recognise why you feel the way you do, what may have played a role in that process, and how you can alter that cycle from re-occurring.
For those that were involved, the notion that you must address yourself and not the narc may feel like a free ticket to abuse but it's not . It's not selfish to take care of your needs.
The problem is when we lose a part of ourselves, exhausting ourselves, and focusing too much on the other person in our lives.
Let go of the need to justify the narcs actions as you can never make sense of it all nor do you have too.
Be blessed in knowing that you are alive, well, healthy, and on your way to bigger and brighter futures ahead.
Thank you to Dr. Sarah, the publisher, NetGalley, and Aldiko for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.

by Donna H

The author wrote a gem of a book that will help those in toxic relationships, as it is written in a factual and non-judgmental manner.

by Cristie

This book is aimed at those who are experiencing or have experienced a narcissistic relationship in their life. What I really like is that at the very start of the book it is made clear that whilst narcissism is the topic, the focus is NOT on the narcissistic but rather on the person reading on the book who is seeking to recover from said relationships.
This book is utterly fantastic. It really focuses on self-care, self-compassionate activities and creating a positive, healthy relationship with ourselves as part of the recovery journey. The author is clearly incredibly knowledgeable on the topic both through personal experience but also through professional work so the reader is in safe hands throughout the whole book.
I would recommend this book to anyone who has experienced, or is currently experiencing, a narcissistic relationship in their life as well as recommending this book to anyone who is friends with someone with aforementioned experiences or who works with someone with aforementioned experiences.

by Naomi

For anyone whose been in an abusive relationship with a narcissist this book is for you. It doesn't focus on the abuser it focuses on you and your healing. It is a beautiful book that shows you how to care for yourself and not repeat the pattern. I would highly recommend this book to those who are recovering from such abuse.

by Rose

This book was deep, heavy and insightful. I didn't know how much I needed this book in my life. The only reason it wasn't a 5 star was because it was repetitive at times. I believe that everyone should read this book to know the signs of narcissism. It helped me come to so many realizations about past relationships. I had thought that I knew the signs, but there were so many more that I had missed and didn't realize the control that was still lingering, even now.

by Lindsey

I really like the systematic nature, which the author has undertaken to talk about this issue. As a reader, I think it really helps in the healing process – apart from being a self-help book, it is also a practical guide as it takes the reader by the hand and helps him or her to recover. In this, it has proved a very practical and useful tool.

Bringing in the abuse factor little by little and then relating it to a relationship (in the surprisingly quite a few cases that it appears in), makes it a smooth transition for the reader to understand. The author has kept the psychological well-being of the reader in mind, for she does not spring facts suddenly at the reader thus shocking him/her, but by slowly transitioning in a slow manner.

Acceptance is a significant phase in this situation and the author has done it in a good manner. She then leads the way to understanding and realizing if one’s partner is a narcissist, and then moving ahead. Her research is very fact-based and as such, increases the dependability of the text. Lastly, she also talks about recovery, which is perhaps the most important post stage. The author also guides the reader in developing a new mindset – one that is supportive of the person’s own being and how compassion and forgiveness goes a long way. Apart from the ‘victims’, the author also addresses the friends and family, for which she scores one more amazing point!

On a personal front, I think the book has been useful. It made me realize that in the end, we really need to take care of our own selves.

by Nayanika

This self-help book about how to heal from narcissistic relationships has been hugely helpful to me. There was tons of valuable information (including educational descriptions of narcissistic traits as well as how these manifest), and I appreciated the addition of first-person accounts so that the information was based on real experiences. I also appreciated that the book included several chapters on how to move on from these toxic relationships. The sections on trauma and tips on mindfulness, grounding, and different types of therapy felt up-to-date and detailed enough to actually provide assistance (unlike some self-help books that offer advice that feels impossible to do). My only complaint with this book is that there did seem to be a lot of repetition - while that can be helpful to drive a point home, it often just felt like a lack of strong editing. Overall, this book came at just the right time for me, so I'm grateful to Davies for writing it.

by Erin

Never Again is a insightful book on toxic relationships and narcissistic people. We all deal with narcissistic people and this book has great information on how to deal with them.

by Heather

This book was very enlightening. I learned some narcissistic habits in myself to be more conscious of and in my partner and how to deal with them. This novel was very empowering and I feel it's a must read for anyone who has encountered a narcissist.

by Dustin

An amazingly insightful and very well researched book about NPD and its effects. It deals with narcissistic people and relationships and more importantly how to recover and take care of yourself after the damage these people inflict. Highly recommended.

by Angela

Dr. Sarah Davies

Dr. Sarah Davies is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Trauma Therapist. She has worked in mental health since 2007. With a background in general mental health and training in a range of psychological therapies, she has specialised in treating Narcissistic Abuse, Codependency, Anxiety and Trauma since 2013.

Dr. Sarah is passionate about providing a holistic, practical and pragmatic approach to mental health and emotional wellbeing. She has a successful private practice based on Harley Street, London, England.

The author of Never Again... holds a practitioner Doctorate in Counselling Psychology from City University in London, UK. Since then she has undertaken further training in trauma therapy including EMDR and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, She has a first class honours degree in Psychology as well as additional studies in CBT, DBT & mindfulness therapy. As part of her holistic approach to emotional wellbeing she is also a qualified yoga instructor having trained in the Sivananda tradition over a decade ago. More recently, Dr. Sarah has studied nutrition and advanced nutrient therapy in relation to mental health.

In writing Never Again... Dr. Sarah Davies draws from personal experience of Narcissistic Abuse and her own journey of recovery as well as from extensive clinical experience in the area of narcissistic abuse, codependency, echoism and related trauma. Her clinical background includes having worked for some of the worlds most exclusive rehabilitation centres, in educational settings, the NHS and charity sector.

You can find out more about Dr. Sarah Davies at her private practice site:

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