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Released: 28/08/2018

ISBN: 9781789014815

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My Wellness Toolbox


Introducing My Wellness Toolbox, an innovative and amusing guide on how author and real-life example, Alison Swift, learned to cope and overcome her crippling anxiety. Contained within the book are 26 tools Alison has collected along the highs and lows of her journey. These include: Water, Daily Self Care, NO, Gratitude, and Affirmations.  

These (largely free) tools are tried, tested and still proven daily by Alison and others, from simple everyday worriers to those dealing with serious anxiety and depression, and are discussed in each chapter in a colloquial tone that helps build an encouraging rapport between Alison and her reader. Although Alison’s toolbox may be slightly different to yours, she hopes this will be a launchpad that will propel the reader into a changed and better life. Readers who are battling with their own mental health challenges, as well as those interested in affecting a more positive outlook, will enjoy this humorous guide with its surprisingly powerful tools.

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The author talks the reader through some of the things that have helped her to beat crippling anxiety - her Wellness Toolbox. As someone who is very affected by anxiety myself, a lot of these tips weren't new to me but some of them were. It was interesting to read how these tips had helped Alison and her personal experiences help you to feel that you too can overcome anxiety by using them. I'd recommend this guide as a nice introduction to how you can help yourself to beat anxiety without medications.

by Sally Aquire

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A very good introductory book about the mindfulness and wellness. Alison covers many of the important concepts about the meditation, essential oils, Reiki, holistic therapy and many others tools.

by Jo M (via Netgalley)

Helpful little book and lots of ideas to add to one's wellness toolbox. I really enjoyed the set up of the book- describing the tool, rating it's effectiveness and ease and discussing costs. There aren't any new ideas in her but always helpful reminders and great suggestions that anyone can add to their own toolbox. I think adding illustrations would give a nice touch to the book. Thank you for the ARC copy!

by Christina Forster (via Netgalley)

This is indeed a very useful "toolbox' of things to help you deal with your own and also the negativity found in life. One thing I applaud is that she says to avoid the media! Amen to that! Our society has become media addicts and most of the 'news" on the media is negative. I am not saying don't be informed, but realize that if media is not making you happy or empowering your best self, don't listen to or empower it! There are many good ideas and techniques here--give yourself a treat and use the tools to help you create the best you you can be! Thank you and many blessings!

by Steve Dzama

This was a lovely, simple and wholly positive guide to maintaining mental wellbeing. The author has clearly been on a life journey that she has thought about and reflected on, and feels she has become a better person for it. As readers, luckily for us, she has chosen to share it. Each individual section contains a suggested 'tool' that she has found helpful, how it has been applied to the author, and a rough guide to its accessibility for other people.

A thoroughly accessible guide which I fully recommend and endorse.

by Jo Windsor

I enjoyed the context and practical way the writer proposed her wellness toolbox. Many things may help get someone through the darkness and foginess of depression and/or anxiety. What works for one, is not necessarily right for another. Her tips were ones that anyone could use, and ones that I do use.

I found it a simple and effective little book that provided a nice insight into one woman’s wellness journey. I think it would be helpful and beneficial for others.

by Emma Dresser

I was given this book by a friend and originally did not think it was particularly relevant to me as I have never suffered with anxiety.
I was assured it was a worthwhile read and decided to give it a go.

As a nervous flyer, I have tried everything from medication to hypnotism with no real success.
My Wellness Toolbox was accessible and informative from the first chapter and has helped me develop ideas on how to keep calm when flying. On a recent trip I found myself using these techniques with great effect.

I would recommend this book, not just to people suffering with anxiety but to those who are looking for effective ways to deal with their fears and phobias.

by Lewis W

My Wellness Toolbox is easy to read & the tools extremely simple to put into practice. The authors colloquial style of writing makes you feel like a friend is sitting next to you giving you sage advice. None of the concepts in this book are ground breaking but that’s just the point, they are all accessible to everyone & not hard to understand. It’s also a handy size. It doesn’t take long to read and is written in such a way as to be good reference material to keep coming back to in times of need.

I would recommend this book to any and everyone, whether they are suffering (as the author did) from anxiety or just want a more positive outlook on life. The benefits should be shared!

by Miss Banks

This book is amazing! Alison is amazing and as you're reading this book it's like listening to your friend.
Amazing helpful tips and tricks which i now use. I've recommended this to so many people.

by Charlotte

This is a great little book that can easily be read in one sitting (I just did that) or can be flipped through to the Tool you want to use or learn about. Each tool is a new chapter of only a few pages - not super in depth but a good idea on how each can be used and help one with anxiety. A lot of the tools the author writes about are ones I have learned over the years with dealing with my own anxiety and others are new ones I may not have used or known about. I would like to one day try Rieki, I do sometimes go for a massage and really find they help.

This would make a great gift for friends and family, also a great book to keep on hand to remind us that there are tons of different tools we can add to own our Wellness Toolbox. It is easy to say you will do them when you are stressed or anxious but putting them into everyday life helps make it easier to use when really needed or also helps to relieve stress before it gets out of hand.

by Jennifer

What a game changer for me. This book has really helped settle anxiety for me and has taught me new ways of dealing with my emotions. I find it so each time dip in and out of when I need to. Ali, thank you for giving the world this book! You’re a star x

by Aoife

I really enjoyed this book, it was an easy read and full of simple tips that have made a real difference to my life. I hope it helps you too.

by Richard Davies

What can I say , this book was an amazingly comforting book to read. Although I didn't read it as I felt in need of support I still found it to be inspiring and help me have a more positive life. I have recommended this book to friends and family who all agree that it is easy to read and relate too and yet all the tools are accessible and most inexpensive.

by Ailsa

Will absolutely place this in my office. This has great mindfulness tools I can recommend to my students.

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Alison Swift

Alison Swift is a mother of two, Author, Wellness Coach Reiki Practitioner and Wellness Radio Presenter for Solihull Radio, who is passionate about sharing her real-life experiences and tools to help others manage, tackle and overcome anxiety.

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