Troubador My Story

Released: 28/01/2019

ISBN: 9781789016000

Format: Hardback

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My Story

The facts and stories of my life


We each have our own story to tell... 

My Story is a self-help book which allows the reader to interact with the text to tell their own story. The book is compiled of a list of questions, which are structured to lead the reader to tell the story of their own life, taking them back deep into their memories, with space after every set of prompting questions to write their story.

The book begins with early memories of family life, pre-school, school days and teenage years, to leaving home for the first time, relationships, jobs, friends, holidays, to marriage and children and on into later life. Readers are encouraged to not only document the facts of their life but also their thoughts and feelings about them, exploring their hopes, highs and lows, achievements and failures, rooting out almost forgotten memories or subconscious thoughts that might lie underneath. My Story is suitable for anyone in middle to later life, making it an ideal gift book and a unique opportunity for self-reflection.

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