Troubador Mindset Guardian

Released: 28/01/2021

ISBN: 9781838593711

Format: Paperback

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Mindset Guardian

Creating a love-learning culture to support children’s progress, growth & well-being


In a world where mental health and wellbeing are thrust evermore into the spotlight, KJ Walton brings parents, or anyone wanting to create this kind of culture and value-system around children, a practical working guide to help them instil a Growth Mindset in their children. Encouraging a Mindset culture, the book explores the benefits of giving children the tools to become lifelong learners and to be able to reap the benefits of learning well into their adult life.

In today’s world, learning new things can often prove a stumbling block for many children. A focus on getting the ‘right answer’ leads children into bad habits and a fear of learning new things.

Offering support to caregivers, Mindset Guardian strives to help children find the joy of learning for themselves. Readers are shown how to support children to lay down attitudes and beliefs that will help them to grow, control and develop their learning mind. Once this mechanism is unlocked, a life of resilience, success, achievement and, most importantly, happiness awaits.

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