Troubador Mindful Goal Setting - A Smarter Approach

Released: 29/04/2014

eISBN: 9781783065639

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Mindful Goal Setting - A Smarter Approach

A programme based on the psychology of happiness


Do you struggle to reach your goals? Want to make some real progress? Mindful Goal Setting – A Smarter Approach is a goal-setting programme with a difference. It departs from traditional goal-setting theories that focus on objective outcomes and the continual striving for more in today’s consumer-based society. Instead it takes a refreshing new approach, describing and exploring the link between happiness and goal setting. Setting positive goals means finding a happy balance between action and reflection. It means avoiding the frantic desire for more and the frequent dissatisfaction that is so often a feature of today’s modern society. It means setting goals that truly resonate with your core values in life. The book is based on proven, psychological techniques that you can implement immediately. Examples and exercises are used to illustrate the key principles. The seven stages cover a range of topics, from choosing your goals and ensuring that they are aligned with your core life values, to maintaining a reflective and mindful approach to goal-setting and preparing for setbacks. For personal and professional use alike, this book will revolutionise the way you think about goal setting.

This has been really inspiring - short enough for me to get down to reading it straight away. It offered new ideas that I hadn't come across before - and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a bit of self-motivation.

by Clifford Ward

At last. I'm of an age where I need to watch my health, but my various efforts to lose weight, cut back on sugary treats, take more exercise etc have so far gone belly up! This book has really motivated me to get cracking on a keep fit regime and stick with it. What's more I'm actually enjoying it. Thank you Caroline and Jenna. I'll let you know how I get on.

by Frances Marsden

Well-written, easy to understand and very inspiring. I look forward to achieving a few more goals this year! Thank you.

by Julia MacTinning

Caroline Macrory

Caroline is a psychologist and therapist who has worked in Australia and the UK. She has two young children and has a particular interest in supporting others to tackle the myriad of challenges that often accompany parenthood, including finding the right balance between family and personal goals. She advocates the importance of finding time and space for personal reflection, mindfulness and self-development amidst the demands of family life.

Jenna is a psychologist and clinical consultant. She specialises in supporting her clients with issues relating to transition, relocation, anxiety, stress, fulfilment and goal setting.

Born in Australia, Jenna loves to travel and experience different cultures. She recently spent two years in London and now lives in Mexico City, where she continues to work with clients online.

Write as Rain, Written Word Therapy

Caroline and Jenna founded Write As Rain, Written Word Therapy, a unique service that supports people to move forward through the power of writing. Write As Rain offers people the chance to write to a therapist rather than see one face-to-face, so providing a practical, accessible and effective form of therapeutic intervention.

Caroline Macrory

Jenna Mayhew
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