Troubador Mastering Soft Skills

Released: 28/05/2018

ISBN: 9781788033763

Format: Paperback

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Mastering Soft Skills

Win and Build Better Client Relationships with a New Approach to Influence, Persuasion and Selling


This book shows that to succeed in professional services you need soft skills. These skills work hand in hand with your hard skills, your expertise and what you know, to make you a more effective Influencer, Persuader, Salesperson and eventually, Trusted Advisor.

Mastering Soft Skills is the first book to:
- Demonstrate why soft skills are so important in professional services
- Categorize which specific hard and soft skills are critical to being a more effective influencer, persuader and salesperson respectively
- Show how the skills help you build rapport, communicate well, create trust, be empathetic and master self control
- Teach what you need to do to master them and get results

People from many walks of life can benefit from these soft skills, but if you are selling to companies and your product offers little tangible advantage, or you work in professional services where people are part of the product, these soft skills are the difference that make the difference.

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