Troubador Life Reconnected – How Women Can Make Simple and Powerful Change

Released: 01/06/2013

ISBN: 9781780885100

Format: Paperback

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Life Reconnected – How Women Can Make Simple and Powerful Change

A Hero's Journey


Illustrated by one woman's personal journey, the psychological backdrop to how we create meaning in our lives is explained. Using Penny's NLP and coaching experience, the book offers a creative process that every woman can use, whether they are young and just setting out into the world of career paths, relationships and finding their purpose in life, or whether they are mid-life and reflecting both on what has been and what is yet to unfold.

In a world of digital communication, a shout-out for positive role models and how we can support each other to become leaders in our own lives, as well as positively influence those around us, is made.?It offers another way to find inspiration and ultimately our own intuitive wisdom that is inside each and every one of us. It teaches us that by incorporating a sense of balance, love, connection and purpose in our lives, we will have lives we love to live.

Deeply moving, bluntly honest and elegantly written, Life Reconnected – How Women Can Make Simple and Powerful Change:?A?Hero’s Journey will take you on a profound personal journey so you can find, voice and take your heart-centered purpose to the world.

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Penny McClean

Penny C McClean BSSc Psychology is a personal development facilitator with over twenty years experience in supporting women through group work. Recently trained in London as an NLP Practitioner and professional coach she developed resources and began her business, Life Reconnected, offering a tailor made coaching programme for women. Penny resides in Northern Ireland and works with clients from all over Ireland, the UK and further afield. She is also a trained walking group leader, new media author and speaker.

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