Troubador La Famille Jolineau en Vacances

Released: 01/03/2012

ISBN: 9781780880600

Format: Paperback

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La Famille Jolineau en Vacances

(The Jolineau Family on Holiday)


La?Famille Jolineau en Vacances is a bilingual, fun storybook for children starting to learn French in primary school.

Children can steadily develop their curiosity and confidence with the French language, which will improve their chance of retaining it. On each page, a ladybird will ask them easy questions based on the text as the family go about their day-to-day activities. The book has been written in light of government guidance about teaching modern languages at primary school level.

This helpful kid’s book will offer children an opportunity to explore all aspects of learning French in a fun way; reading, developing an authentic accent and also learning about French culture. The writing games will encourage them to memorise and write French words. The colourful, eye-catching illustrations will catch the children’s attention and encourage them to comment – hopefully in French!?The book’s relaxed approach will put youngsters at ease with learning a new language and make the experience easy, enjoyable – and simply quite natural.

La?Famille Jolineau en Vacances is aimed at primary school children aged 6 and over and will also be suitable for their parents, relatives or teachers to read to them. Author and native speaker Elisabeth Ruiz is highly skilled in teaching French, which she has been doing for nearly 10 years. The book has been beautifully illustrated by Luigi Mastroserio, who illustrated Le suicide du Phénix et autres évènements improbables and is exhibiting his paintings regularly.

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I have been a primary language specialist for many years and as such I only use teaching materials of the highest quality.
I am extremely impressed by the new book, La Famille Jolineau en Vacances. The beautiful , colourful illustrations, the progressive complexity of the text and the humour throughout the story make for a very enjoyable experience. Children are prompted to answer questions on what they have read and the games at the back of the book are helpful tools to memorise new vocabulary.
Another useful feature of the book is the guide to silent consonants, all marked in red. This will encourage young French readers to develop correct pronunciation. I understand that an audio version of the book will be available in the future and I consider this to be be a very valuable tool to complement the text.
I would highly recommend this book both for the classroom and home reading.

Joy Jermy Regional Co-ordinator for La Jolie Ronde Languages for Children.

by Joy Jermy

This is a beautifully illustrated book containing key expressions and vocabulary for Primary school aged children. My two children really enjoyed listening to it and had fun trying to translate for themselves as I covered up the English. I love the detail in some of the pictures which gave my children lots to talk about. The book lends itself to being reread many times with its simple questions and activities at the end - I am very happy to have added it to our home library! Sarah Proddow, barnes

by Sarah Proddow

I love your book!

It tells you all about a French family in French with English so that you can understand what's happening.

I like Isabelle, the ladybird, because she gives easy helpful questions which I will borrow for my French lesson at school tomorrow. In fact I like your book so much I'm going to take it to school to show both my class teacher & my French teacher.

I'll enjoy reading this book again and again but I'd like the next story about La Famille Jolineau please!
Nerys Williams age 8

by Nerys Williams

La Famille Jolineau is a treat. The very interactive pictures are amusing, absorbing readers of all ages in the story and so turning the pages & then returning for another read - very cleaver! We found the text clear & informative without being daunting. Meanwhile Isabelle la coccinelle & the red silent letters both add another layer to the experience. My three children enjoyed meeting the different characters & activities of Elisabeth,Gerard, Celine, Julien, Mathieu & Mambo. Introducing ' Le gouter' provides a charming insight into French culture which in turn makes the book & story much more real & tangible. 'Le gouter' has been adopted already as a brilliant idea by my three!

Jane Roberts, London

Thank you Elisabeth. Can you write sequel story for La Famille Jolineau please.

by Jane Roberts

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