Troubador Keep Your Hopes and Dreams Alive

Released: 28/09/2020

ISBN: 9781838592035

eISBN: 9781800468573

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Keep Your Hopes and Dreams Alive


Are you feeling anxious, stressed or lost? You are not the only one!

Keep Your Hopes and Dreams Alive is a self-help book to help rekindle that tiny ember of our hopes and dreams as life takes its toll on you. Our lives are busy, stressful, traumatic and sometimes we lose our way. We never stop to think about ourselves until it’s too late. Then we break! 

Through personal experience, the author has experienced heartbreak and depression and can empathise with what you’re going through. A busy working mum, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a control freak, Michelle understands and is here to help. After writing and delivering wellbeing workshops to help others, and fortunate to have worked with people from all walks of life, she has now developed this book as a tool to help others heal and move on to a brighter future. 

This book is Michelle’s journey, her thoughts, experience, activities and exercises from her workshops and the stories of her clients. It is simple, easy to use, with practical advice you can use straight away. Are you ready to help yourself feel better and live a better life?

Your book helped me a lot, made me think about my life and myself and that we are not alone in this life. It made me believe in myself and know there is light at the end of the tunnel, I could go on, as a self help book it’s perfect and I’d recommend to anyone

by Joanne Parker

I thoroughly enjoyed this book the author was very open about her own life and although I have never suffered from depression I could relate to lots in this book. We have all been on our own journey's and sometimes it's good to know that you are not alone and little changes made by yourself can give you a happier outlook on life.

by Alison

I read this book within 2 evenings and was astounded at the easy read, and relevance to so many aspects of my life. I am yet to try some of the self-help tips but am confident that if I put my mind to the advice given, I can help myself to grow. The science behind how our brain works was easy to understand without complicating a very delicate and complex organ - it all makes sense! The author's honesty throughout the book regarding her own troubles inspired me and I am looking forward to using the advice myself and learning how to use it daily to become a better version of myself.

by Kathy smith

Just finished reading this fabulous book , thank you Michelle very interesting and I’m sure the most fragile heart body and soul would find it helpful ! It’s given me guidance and advice . Keep writing !! X

by Nina

This was such an easy book to read that I read it in one go. Admittedly I didn't do the exercises but I can go back to them if and when I need to.
I felt the book was written in such a way that it was very easy to understand and although I don't suffer from depression, there were parts that I could relate to.
This is not a book that will be kept on a bookshelf gathering dust, it'll be somewhere where I can just pick it up from time to time if I start to feel weighed down with things.
I admire Michelle's bravery in letting the world in on her problems in order to help others with theirs.
An interesting read as well as being helpful.

by Carol Sherwood

Absolutely amazing book, I can relate to the feeling of emptiness & suffering .
This book has given me the strength to carry on and realise there is a future.
So well written and easy to read,
Thank you

by Rita Morris

Michelle has helped so many with her practical confidence & wellbeing courses - now all her fantastic advice is here in an easy to read self-help book which is full of great little tips & exercises to promote positive mental health. Michelle has been through really tough times. Her journey is inspirational and her positivity will guide others to be the best they can be & know that they are not alone when the going gets tough.

by Jo

What an amazing book wasn't sure what to expect but it has surpassed all my expectations so helpful, a must have for everyone in life not just those of us who feel a bit lost. Well done on delivering such a helpful and easy to use book

by Rikki Kitto

The book is an insight into Michelle's journey and an open honest account of how she healed her broken self, useful chapters offering advice to help you on your own journey with life's hurdles, practical advice with good results, a recommended read! and useful tool kit whilst working with people who have lost their way.

by Emma T

This book gives an open and honest account of the author's own personal experiences that she has faced in her life so far. She looks at helping readers to cope with love. loss, bereavement, heartbreak, depression and anxiety. The book provides practical advise on how to cope throughout these difficult and often debilitating situations in people's lives. It provides the readers with realistic and practical advise, achievable goals and allows them to record their own thoughts and feelings in the book, which they can look back and reflect on. I can definitely recommend this book to enable people to help themselves through the roughest of times in their lives and to enable them to 'Keep their hopes and dreams alive'.

by Lisa Campbell

Now in my late fifties this book would have been extremely valuable to have from my teenage years onwards and throughout my life. As we know, as time goes on, many challenges are thrown at us and some out of our control. Keep your Hopes and Dreams Alive would have been an immense help to me to not only cope with family suicide, alcoholism, bereavement, estrangement but everyday issues as well. Although I have read this book from cover to cover I will keep it close to hand to re-read sections when I need them in the future. Highly recommend this book, it is packed with lots of advice and lots of common sense, down to earth help and support.

by AnnieT64

A very easy to read book. Lots of helpful advice and tips to help you get through difficult times. Michelle shares her life experiences which makes a very honest and open read. One of the best self help books I’ve read.

by Nicky G

What an amazing and helpful book wish I'd found it years ago

by Paulo Barreto

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