Troubador Karmasutra

Released: 28/02/2016

ISBN: 9781785890017

eISBN: 9781785897344

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Karma of Sex


Most democratic countries have eight to ten fundamental rights, which usually include the right to free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, etc. But unless there is another fundamental freedom of guilt-free sexual expression, even within marriages, no society can be truly free and in harmony with the cosmos...

This is the second, equally-powerful, spiritual Kamasutra to come from an Indian author. Karmasutra combines karmic spiritual principles and applies it to sexuality and sexual mores, and habits in our world today. It considers issues such as marital infidelity and sexual dalliances from a non-judgemental perspective, whilst presenting these issues in a logical, easy-to-understand and rational way.

Dealing with the most controversial sexual taboos in a straightforward, rational, and non-moralising way, this book will open the reader’s eyes to several spiritual rules of the universe. Whilst the original Kamasutra was about sexual positions and techniques, Karmasutra is about karmic implications of present-day sexual dilemmas.

This book advocates a paradigm of sexuality which goes beyond mere availability. It aims to remove the stigma of sex from the society. The human race, tired of its various environmentally disastrous forays into ‘development’, is seeking to reconcile with nature.

Karmasutra explores cosmic principles and ideas in surprisingly lucid language with interesting metaphors. If you have ever felt guilty about having an affair, being unfaithful, or having a fling with a stranger, and always wanted to know the spiritual dimension of sexuality, this is the book for you.

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