Troubador It’s Never Too Late to Look Great!

Released: 28/03/2019

ISBN: 9781789016826

eISBN: 9781789019780

Format: Paperback/eBook

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It’s Never Too Late to Look Great!

Style for the Young-at-Heart


It’s Never Too Late to Look Great! does something the fashion industry is frightened to do. It shows how women over 50 - and beyond - don’t have to be invisible when their faces and figures are less than perfect. This style guide shows how  to dress with panache, and open the door to a world of new opportunities, confidence and happiness. 

If you’ve ever seen some grey hairs in the mirror and said, ‘I don’t know what to wear any more’, this is the book for you. Maggie identifies the four qualities that make style: Surprise, True to yourself, Artistry and Reinvention.   Follow these and you will become a style S.T.A.R. 

Older women are now fitter and more active than ever. Many of them want to keep looking stylish, but find themselves ignored by a fashion industry whose public image is often a pouting, skinny 20-year old. Maggie Cox’s book is for them. It shows that fun begins at 50 and can last as long as you want it to. 

Country Wives

Fab After Fifty

A Joy of Reading

I downloaded this book because of the title and her opening statement about the "Over 50 set being ignored in the fashion industry" which piqued my interest right way. As the book continues, her statements about looking in the mirror, REALLY looking in the mirror to see who you are now, what is your personality at this stage in your life and then dressing accordingly were the perfect encouragement. The step by step system on how to do this were realistic and definitely doable even at the local boutique. The STAR (Surprise/True to Yourselt/Artisty/Reinvention) steps really spoke to me and made me feel brave enough to actually try and go shopping again using this new formula.. Actually, the formula could be used for all ages and not just the over 50 set.

If I have any criticism of the book, it is that the pictures were all of "skinny" women, however, the sites and links she recommends in the book have true to life women with some wonderful ideas for fashion. This is a book I wish the clothes buyers at the malls would read and realize that the women over 50 have the money and the desire to want to look their best.

by Frances Coons

Thought-provoking and inspiring. You think you know your own style but it's always a good idea to review this on a regular basis. This book gives lots of tips for reinventing your style without falling victim to the "young" fashions available. The book ends with a plea for the fashion industry to be more aware of and cater for older women's fashion.

I enjoyed reading the book. Much of the advice was just common sense but there were many ideas that made me sit up, take note and want to try them. I didn't particularly like the references to specific shops. I found this uninteresting, so I tended to skim over those sections.
Overall, a good easy read with plenty of food for thought.

by Janet McMahon

I enjoyed reading the book. Much of the advice was just common sense when you thought about it, but there were many tips I had never thought of. This is an excellent book for anyone over 40 who feels it’s never too late to look good. I have already taken several of her tips and used them and I not only look better, I feel better about myself.

by Ro

The book’s subtitle is ‘Fashion for the Young at Heart’, which is, of course, a nicer way of saying ‘for the over-fifties’!

It is easy to get complacent appearance-wise when you hit middle age. You tend to go for comfort and practicality over high fashion, or actually any fashion at all. In my case, with a very large smallholding and a carp fishing business, I generally live in scruffies and wellies. But when I started nipping into the tiny supermarket in our local small market town in these same scruffies, and even once in the wellies, I realised I was letting things go a bit too much.

Hence reading this book. I was a bit wary to start with, as what one person might consider highly fashionable, someone else would refuse to be seen dead in. However, I quickly realised that the author wants us to preserve our uniqueness, for us to relish what is ‘us’ about us, but merely to step out of the shadows and be seen. We’re too young to disappear into the background just yet.

At the heart of the book is the author’s idea of STAR qualities. The second of these, and for me the most crucial, is ‘True to Yourself’, but I shan’t reveal the others. You’ll have to treat yourselves to this excellent book to find out! ‘True to yourself’ is about nurturing our personality in what we wear. We should go for things we feel comfortable in and in which we can be ourselves. I’ve attempted some ‘relooking’ in the past and failed, I realise now, because I was going for an image that just wasn’t me. The author tells us how to identify what our ‘thing’ is and build on it in fashionable and interesting ways. She takes us through all four of the STAR qualities, and advises us on how to pull all these aspects together and be proud to be seen.

We hear from fashion designers and snappy dressers in the book, and there are plenty of photos to inspire. The author points us firmly in the direction of where to find inspiration. There’s also a quick look at the fashion faux pas which are the author’s pet hats, and that’s fun. ‘Badly packed parachute’ and ‘wrinkly teenager’ are two of the looks not to go for!

This is a clever and inspiring book from a lively and encouraging author. I’m taking her tips on board and promise faithfully that I shall never be seen in public in clothes that I milk llamas in (no, you didn’t read that wrong) or wear when chasing escaped piglets.

And should you need any more encouragement to read this book for yourself, then I must tell you that Maggie Cox reveals that Cleopatra is her no. 2 style icon. Now, how can you not want to hear more from this person!

by Stephanie

Found quite a lot of useful information and some really good tips on this book, an interesting book for middle aged women who don't want to look aged!

by Julie

Since being over my 50's and my body changing shape I have read many books on fashion on what to wear and what not to wear. I have found each book offers some insight that I haven't heard before and can learn from. I liked that "It's never too late to look great!" by Maggie Cox suggested to be true to yourself.

The book is definitely worth a read for the many tips to find your unique look. The many tips help its reader to not give up and look frumpy just because they are older. It suggests to look in the mirror, figure out who you are now and how you want to look. Really made clothes shopping more fun for me.

by Nickie

Well, seeing as I have reached the age of 60 I thought it was time for a change. Some great advice and tips in this book. Here's to a new me.

by Wendy

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