Troubador How To Survive Your Police Career

Released: 28/02/2019

eISBN: 9781838598730

Format: eBook

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How To Survive Your Police Career

A Practical Guide To Health For The 24/7 Bobby


Written in a deliberately irreverent style intended to keep the average Bobby turning the pages, Police Sergeant Darren Moor draws on his experience from twenty-eight years of policing to explain to fellow Bobbies and front-line staff how to survive whilst working such a frantic 24/7 existence. 

Presenting up-to-date research, he offers practical but humorous advice on avoiding infections large and small, what best to eat on rotating shifts, sleeping after nights, training your body to hopefully avoid but then recover from physical injury, and maintaining good mental health especially after traumatic incidents. There is also guidance on female and ethnic health, relationships, fire, water and social media safety, acid and dog attacks, sexual health, preserving eyesight (those damn computers!) and spotting the early signs of cancers and other life-threatening conditions which Bobbies often don’t pick-up on as a result of being so knackered through never-ending shift-work.

With contributions from police specialists in their field, this is a book which every Bobby should have around the home or in their kitbag to refer to when they have questions about their health.

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