Troubador Hints and Tips for the Practical Plumber

Released: 01/10/2013

eISBN: 9781783068654

Format: eBook

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Hints and Tips for the Practical Plumber


Hints & Tips for the Practical Plumber is a unique and essential guide for all plumbing students leaving college and plumbers wanting to set up on their own, and can even be used to help complete the NVQ2 qualification. 

Based on over 9 years of experience working as a plumber, Jo Lawrence’s insights and practical tips ensure that the transition from college to the real world of plumbing is a pain-free and positive step. Designed to build confidence and help plumbers navigate the often scary realities of setting up on their own, Hints & Tips is the must-have handbook for all plumbers. 

This handbook is suitable for students leaving college with City & Guilds or NVQ Level 2 Certificates: 6089, 6035, 6129, 6189 (or the equivalent) with or without a formal apprenticeship. It supports those searching for placements to gain the necessary experience, and makes a handy encouragement for anyone who has attempted to go into the plumbing industry in the past but has not managed to get a work placement. 

“Most plumbing books are written for students training as plumbers, not for plumbers plumbing in the real world. In my experience, many students that train in college can’t find someone to take them on to show them the ropes, and so fall back into other jobs. Hints & Tips teaches them how to turn their college skills into a thriving business, teaching them what they don’t learn in college about how to plumb,” Jo comments on the inspiration behind her book.

Hints & Tips has been written with British plumbing as the example, however most of the techniques and tips are not country specific, so Hints & Tips is for plumbers all over the world.

Even though Hints & Tips was written for students she has had positive reviews from DIY readers who have also found it incredibly helpful, not just for the DIY but also knowing roughly what they should be paying a plumber for a job and how long it should take on average.

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Jo Lawrence

Jo is a 44 yr old, single mother of 2. After school she started out at Oxford Polytechnic as an Occupational Therapy student, but soon realised it wasn't for her. During her year off Jo started a family and spent the next 10 years travelling, learning wood work, gaining her HGV 1 driving licence, and bringing up her children with her husband.

Once they started school full time Jo was looking for a career and stumbled upon plumbing when she fixed her friends toilet. Unable to find a plumber to take her on, Jo was forced into the real world of plumbing when she split up with her husband at the end of her 1st year at college. With 2 small mouths to feed she had to take the plunge, so she knows as well as any body how tough it can be starting out.

Over the past 11 years Jo has built up her own Pink Plumbers business, and since being approached by a number of female plumbers, with regard to apprenticeships, building their plumbing businesses or generally seeking assistance, she looked at how she could enable others to build their businesses, with the benefit of her insights and all that she has learned in setting up and running her own thriving plumbing business.

Jo set about franchising Pink Plumbers® (with a minimum of 3-6 months experience required to trade under the licence), and due to the lack of available work placements for students, decided to write Hints & Tips to help plumbers in a similar position to her.

Although Pink Plumbers® is only available for women, Jo felt it important to support both male and female students as it is not just women who are struggling to find apprenticeships and work placements, so Hints & Tips is for all plumbing students, everywhere, and all plumbers wanting to set up on their own.

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