Troubador Growing into MySelf

Released: 01/12/2013

ISBN: 9781783062690

Format: Paperback

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Growing into MySelf


Do you have the courage to explore yourself with total honesty; to accept yourself, soul through bone; to ignore conventional expectations and be true to your inner Self, no matter what?

In her debut memoir, Running Into Myself, Thea Euryphaessa revealed how a seemingly random impulse to sign her unfit, overweight body onto three marathons helped her to overcome depression and abandon the well-worn road of the mundane 9-to-5 for the rockier path of the more meaningful unknown.

Now, Growing into MySelf follows her as she comes full circle in her transformational Hero’s Journey, submitting to the deeper, darker realm of soul, sex, and an uncertain relationship, framed by a series of five Tantra workshops that Thea undertakes over the course of eighteen months.

Continuing to explore myth, archetypes, dreams, and depth psychology, Thea learns to surrender to the body’s wisdom while also embracing intellect in her quest to become sexually confident and psychologically whole—in short, a woman of substance.

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Thea Euryphaessa

Thea Euryphaessa (pronounced, 'thee-a yuri-feesa’) has been an avid student of the psyche for twenty-five years. Specialising in personal transformation, she weaves together depth psychology, dreams, alchemical symbolism, and myth into a compelling style that is uniquely her own.

Witty, spirited, and down-to-earth, Thea has a canny ability of making complex, abstract subjects relevant, interesting, and accessible for layfolk. This approach has made her popular with those who yearn for an expanded vision of themselves, a deepened sense of identity, and an enriching life imbued with soul.

Thea is also the author of two memoirs, Running into Myself: A Journey through the Soul of the Feat and its follow-up Growing into MySelf which chart her personal journey over a ten-year period. The final book in her memoir trilogy is currently in the works.

Thea Euryphaessa

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