Troubador From Pharma to Device Sales

Released: 01/12/2011

ISBN: 9781848767843

eISBN: 9781848768178

Format: Paperback/eBook

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From Pharma to Device Sales

A Pocket Guide for Pharmaceutical Sales People Wanting to Move into Medical Device Sales


From Pharma to Device Sales is a concise, straight to the point pocket guide, enabling pharmaceutical sales people to move into the medical device sales arena. There is no other book available that explores how to successfully change industries. This guide has valuable insights from recent personal experiences, up-to-date material and useful statistics – to ensure a successful industry transition.

Making the switch from pharmaceutical sales to medical devices can be an uphill struggle. Are you in pharmaceutical sales looking to cross over? Have you ever wondered what selling medical devices is really like? Do you know the vital differences between selling drugs and devices? Do you want to know the typical mistakes pharmaceutical sales people make at interviews and learn how to avoid such pitfalls? This book will provide all these answers and much more!

From Pharma to Device Sales is a unique, concise and inspirational book. Whatever stage you are at in your pharma career, this is a must read.

As someone who has encountered many barriers when trying to get into medical devices, I was looking for an easy and simple guide to help me through the transition process to medical devices. The book breaks it down simply where other guides/books simply dont. The book also gives great tips on how to be successful in the interview process. This is very pertinent given the current economic climate!!!. The author's personal experience comes through strongly which makes it real life and relevant!

If your looking for a simple, easy to read guide on how to be successful from pharma to devices or simply want to know how to be successful in an interview than look no further you have found it!!

by Shahzad Ahmad

Samuel D. Lamptey

Samuel Lamptey, a Biochemist by education, has worked for UK market leaders in both pharmaceutical sales and medical device sales. In both industries, he was a top performer in respect of activity rates, training performance and sales targets for the London and South East region. Lamptey enjoys travelling, teaching and inspiring others.

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