Troubador Enjoy the Ride!

Released: 28/10/2019

eISBN: 9781838596910

Format: eBook

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Enjoy the Ride!

The A-Z Handbook for Life


There is so much to life, and those who have clocked up some time on Earth will have amassed much experience that should be passed on. Reflecting on his years, Robert Osbourne writes Enjoy the Ride! his A-Z handbook sharing much of what he has seen, heard, enjoyed, endured and even suffered over the years.

Progressing from ‘ambition’ to ‘zest’, Robert shares 26 messages to his children, though their sentiment is universal. He encourages his readers to make the most of life, be creative, determined and kind, and to push themselves through the challenges that life throws. Whether read as a whole or as individual letters, Enjoy the Ride! has something for everyone to take away. 

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