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Released: 28/07/2018

ISBN: 9781789013566

eISBN: 9781789010688

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English from Afar

How to learn English the less painful way


English from Afar takes a light-hearted look at the methods a reader can employ to learn English as a second language. Presenting readers with a witty and easy read, this book is written to be informative and entertaining and is laced with colourful tales from Bruce’s nearly 25 years as an Englishman abroad. 

Starting with the idea that getting your meaning across is far more important than the words themselves, Bruce explains why “sorry could you repeat that” is the most important question a learner can be asked and nothing to fear. The book focuses on how to make acquiring English as a second language more fun, whilst trying to put the language in context to give readers a real insight into the bizarre and complex people that the British are. 

With something for both the beginner and the more advanced speaker, English from Afar is packed with good advice, tips and tricks which go beyond the classroom. Using real examples, the book shows readers how to succeed with interviews and public speaking, to manage fear and to tap into the English themselves when help is required.

English from Afar is Bruce's first mainstream publication, the intention is to present the reader with an entertaining and witty work of non-fiction which gently guides the reader into acquiring advanced English skills. Bruce draws exclusively on his experience answering the questions that he has been asked time and time again during his twenty years in Kuala Lumpur. Volume one will be available from Matador from July 2018 and volume two is now expected in 2019. This work is rapidly gaining respect as a fresh an innovative approach with a fast pace and laced with engaging stories which illustrate the points as you go. Very much a book for everyone no matter your skill level with English it goes beyond the dusty text books of school. Whilst at the same time giving an insight into the bizarre and complex people the British are it seeks to put the language in context whilst helping overcome the fears many students have. Most importantly it explains why "sorry could you repeat that" is an essential question and how it means you are already more than 50% there as a "Communicator". This book "de-bunks" myths and worries that students have.

That's Books

A great read, informative, funny, factual and satirical. I like the way you poke jokes at your own culture. It gives one an insider like approach to the teaching industry and it's challenges. The book also throws some challenging questions out on the whys and wherefore and origins of the English language. I do like some of the analogies posed in Malay grammar compared to English grammar. All in all the book is fast paced and never boring.

by Ray Winfield, ex CTO

This book is interesting and easy let reader understand. Even myself which is not like reading, but this book make me read until finish!

by Alex Yap

A different approach to learn English in a fun way...
The book gives us easy understanding, thus we will improve our confidence when we communicate and ease our fear.

by Allan Shuhaimi

This book is a masterwork.

Bruce has captured English as a second language perfectly.

I was quite surprised when he sent me a copy and incredibly pleased when I had read it as, was my Darling Jennie.

More power to your pen En Bruce :)

by Bob Emanuel

Hi Malaysians!!!!i would like to recommend this book to all of u especially the English Language is so informative and it really can guide us on how to use the proper English in our daily conversation ..there are so many examples given in this book which i think might help the readers to undertstand the messages crystal clear....congrats Bruce( the author) n the team production for making it real!!!!

by iskandar zulkarnain

This is such an excellent book in help, to strengthen our command of English. The tips offered is way beyond compare.

Thank you Bruce Peterson for coming down to see our struggles and most importantly, making it a fun way to communicate English in the correct way!

Simply Marvelous and a Must Have book I should say!

by Caroline Ross

A must read for students and teachers of English as a second language who will come to appreciate even better the richness of vocabulary and expressions this world language has to offer for clear communication. The way the author has extensively drawn on his personal experiences gives this text a depth and relevance not to be found elsewhere and has allowed him to illustrate situations in both helpful and amusing ways which bring the text to life making it a pleasure to read.

by Henry Kernick - English School Director, Siem Reap

An Informative and witty introduction to the English Language

by M. Reessing, Librarian

This is a most for any ESL learner. A compact book contains very practical material such as difference between American and British vocabulary, interference from translations and the origin of the English.

by Jo M

Professionally Bruce and I have worked together upon a number of projects involving staff from many cultures. Bruces ability to communicate with the various staff members is reflected in this book; its focus is truely upon communicating for understadning. Enjoyable and I learnt from it.

by Les Collins

A different way to look at English and communicating with others. As a native English speaker I was surprised at how much I learnt! It just goes to show that we continue to learn throughout our lives and as this is a lighter read is not too taxing on the brain

by Janet Parker

What a good book!

by Dennis W

Overall the writing is pretty easy to understand. Some practical advice and tips helped, and with a casual tone, the author managed to make this book helpful AND interesting. Sometimes learning a language can be very dull, but it doesn't have to be. This book is worth recommending to all non-native speakers/English learners.
Overall: 4/5
Writing: 4/5
Cover: 3/5
Content: 4/5
Appealing: 3/5

by Tiffany W. (via Netgalley)

I'm learning (not English, but) another world language. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a book that promises to teach a language in a ways that is "speedy, effective, communicative, and interesting" for the student.

This book presents a thoroughly modern view of current resources, including tutoring, internet programs, imitation, and practice. I found the concepts and progression - plus the sheer effort involved - in learning a new language to be accurate - and helpful in marking progress.

If you are aiming for fluency in presentations and business, this is a must-read. Though the vocabulary is advanced, the ideas for smooth communication and deep engagement are sound. I recommend it and will transfer some of the ideas to my own language learning.

by Rosa Smith (via NetGalley)

Bruce Peterson

A graduate of the University of Wales he was one of the pioneers of mobile phone engineering; Bruce, among other posts, worked as a Managing Consultant with AD Little. Moving to live in Asia in the early 1990's he has worked all over South East Asia since, finally achieving his ambition to work in Myanmar (Burma) in 2014. Resident in Kuala Lumpur since 1997 he's observed English in use and seen at first-hand how it mystifies or confuses. Feeling the need to teach English communication as opposed to English he retrained as a teacher in Kuala Lumpur where he now works as a trainer and consultant. During his engineering career he developed and delivered countless training courses and sees his current role as the perfect match with his style, view of life and ability to entertain with students from different cultures. His creed of working from the student's perspective by putting the fun back into learning whilst at the same time making lessons and tutorials entertaining, educational and relevant is making him a sought-after trainer. An established writer, he served as co-author for the only existing text book on out-sourcing in Telecoms, English from Afar is his first mainstream work.

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