Troubador Don’t ‘Just’ STOPIT.DOIT

Released: 28/10/2015

ISBN: 9781784624361

eISBN: 9781784626280

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Don’t ‘Just’ STOPIT.DOIT

Coaching for Health and Life


The STOPIT.DOIT® model is new and designed to enable you lead the healthy, positive and confident life you want. The, Don’t ‘Just’ STOPIT.DOIT, book is designed to be used by the public and the health professionals who support them. It gives each reader a structure to use for successful coaching, for themselves or others. Although a coaching approach is sometimes used in healthcare, the STOPIT.DOIT® model is crafted to include methods for self-coaching and goes beyond traditional executive/business style coaching. In this way, the model is conducive for both self-driven change by the patient or client, as well as change supported by a health practitioner or coach. The STOPIT section of the book provides a model to stop negative or destructive behaviours that lead to an unhealthy and unfulfilled life. The DOIT section provides a model to enable the reader to do the new things they want, and ultimately to live the life they desire. The book allows the reader to, overcome obstacles and barriers that prevent them from achieving, learn to prioritise changes and set motivational goals. Don’t ‘Just’ STOPIT.DOIT delivers the structure needed to succeed time after time.

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Tim Williams

Having graduated from Sheffield Medical School in 1996, I went on to train as a GP. I passed the MRCGP examination in 2000 and gained additional expertise in chronic pain management, at the Northern General Hospital, where I remained as a part time clinical assistant for over 5 years. I went on to be the clinical lead for a community-based pain service in Sheffield until 2010. I am passionate about promoting best-practice in pain management, presenting to numerous audiences on communication skills and pain management and often both together. I have gained recognition nationally as a Community Pain Specialist and have contributed significantly to the Pain Management Diploma for Cardiff University.

All the while I have continued in General Practice, initially undertaking a salaried GP role before accepting a partnership at Sothall and Beighton Medical centre in 2004. I remain here and continue to enjoy being part of a dynamic and supportive primary health care team.

Coaching Experience

Alongside my GP work, I have trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), achieving Master Practitioner level in 2008. In addition to the Coaching training provided by the Yorkshire and Humber Deanery, I have achieved a Diploma in Life Coaching from Achievement Specialists. As a result I am an Accredited Practitioner Coach (APC) with the International Institute of Coaching and Mentioring (IIC&M). I incorporate a significant amount of coaching skills into my GP work. My private clients have been coached successfully on a wide range of issues including work-life balance, career progression and change management. I am committed to my clients achieving their full potential by providing a coaching relationship and space contusive to thinking clearly for themselves.

I am happily married with 3 energetic young children and an increasingly less energetic old dog. I enjoy being an active member both of my local community and our church, in more central Sheffield. I enjoy running to keep fit and amateur forestry in our woodland.

Dr Tim Williams
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