Troubador Discover How Great You Are in 30 Minutes

Released: 07/04/2014

eISBN: 9781783065998

Format: eBook

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Discover How Great You Are in 30 Minutes


Can you spare half an hour…to realise your true potential? As soon as we enter the world, we are thrown into a system of beliefs and conditioning. Eventually, we forfeit our individuality, fitting into moulds set up for us before we were even born. Discover How Great You Are in 30 Minutes attempts to reacquaint us with ourselves, tackling issues like perception, diet, fear and gratitude from a practical standpoint, serving as a reminder that life is what we make of it, and greatness comes as standard. It is quick to read and easy to understand, ideal for anyone requiring a shot of inspiration or a kick-start in life.

Tracy Lynn Shaw MBA - My Books & Reviews

NetGalley, 20 April

A Beautiful Little Life, 19 April

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Milan Bakrania

Milan Bakrania is a London-based author. He runs a fine arts company with his wife, painting and exhibiting in galleries and online. Writing was something that cropped up early on in childhood. He would note down ideas for short stories and novels with a dream of one day being published. His hobby soon became a career when his experimental novel, The Emissary was published in 2010. His vibrant writing voice is fuelled by an overactive imagination and an interest in all things mysterious and unknown.

Milan Bakrania - author of The Emissary
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