Troubador Dance with the Universe

Released: 28/03/2019

ISBN: 9781789016420

Format: Paperback

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Dance with the Universe


How do we apply spirituality to our lives? What does the energy of the universe have to do with us? This is something that a lot of people find simply mind-boggling. There is information everywhere on mindfulness or being positive, but how on earth do you apply these things to real life and keep positive when you are going through the dark or sad periods of your life that we all go through? How you cope with it and how you go forward will shape your future.

In an insightful and personal guide, Hina Solanki explains how she applied positivity to her life to help her survive some of the toughest times she’s experienced after Alopecia and unhealthy relationships severely damaged her confidence. Hina hopes to help as many people as possible by sharing private secrets, real life stories and some of the positive techniques she has developed and continues to apply to her life. By doing this, the book aims to help the reader make positive changes by ‘going with the flow’ and working with the energy of the universe. 

Dance with the Universe is about how to manage the bad times or mistakes from your past and how to orchestrate the most wonderful good times ahead. There is no perfect life. The beautiful thing about life is that we are all still forever learning until the day we die. Readers who are looking for a positive way to break free of their mental shackles will delight in this uplifting book from an author who has walked in darkness and returned to the light.

Hina Solanki, through her own personal experience as well as passion for this skill, has created a very helpful, easy to read book illustrating the benefits of permanent make-up through an impressively large collection of photographs.
Alex Karidis - MD FRCS – Celebrity Plastic Surgeon

I decided to publish a book after seeing so many clients that needed corrective work. This book will help Customers to really grasp a better insight in to the world of Permanent cosmetics and make the right choices. The book has a questions and answers chapter and the largest untouched collection of before and after images of procedures. This book is ideal for customers to browse through whilst in the waiting area of any clinic or beauty salon.

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Hina Solanki

Artist Hina Solanki of Sol Cosmedics is an internationally-regarded provider of permanent and semi-permanent cosmetics. Specialist services, including eyebrow tattoo and medical scar camouflage, transform the lives of patients.

About Hina Solanki

The work of Hina Solanki has made a lasting impression on the semi-permanent cosmetics industry. Ms. Solanki frequently works alongside London’s top cosmetic surgeons, Alex Karidis of the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth Hospital and Yannis Alexandrides of 111 Harley Street. She has a number of celebrities among her clients.

Restoring self confidence

Following a health scare of her own, Ms. Solanki developed expertise in medical scar camouflage using cosmetic tattooing. She is passionate about helping others rediscover their self confidence after suffering illness or injury. Medical patients of all ethnicities, from across the globe, seek the expertise of Hina to camouflage scar tissue as if it were no longer there.

Sharing expertise

Ms Solanki also teaches at one of the UK’s most prestigious cosmetology schools. As a teacher and permanent make-up exam assessor, Ms Solanki cares deeply about passing down her skills and ensuring students meet the elite standards required in her field.

Hina Solanki

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