Troubador Challenging Behaviours

Released: 28/07/2020

ISBN: 9781838594565

Format: Paperback

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Challenging Behaviours

Distress Factors and Reactions


Adults with challenging behaviours perplex and fascinate professionals and services. Often we don’t really understand how to help the person. We miss the distress in their eyes and lives because it is too painful to acknowledge. Even with more modern terms and concepts, we still try to fix the person.

Our approach is an attempt to place the person and their distress at the centre of our efforts, To understand what is the reason (internal or external) for the many reactions, to help the person work with us to find out what type of citizen they want to become and then work to help them become that person in their own very individual way.

Please take the time to join us on this journey to help people with challenging behaviours become really part of our society in an honourable way.

Online programmes and material will be available on our website.

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Civitas Vera

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