Troubador Be More Dog

Released: 28/08/2020

ISBN: 9781838594893

Format: Paperback

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Be More Dog

Train Your Mind; Train Your Dog


Your dog getting you down? Are you miscommunicating, and peace at home/on walks is just a wish rather than a reality? Be More Dog by canine psychologist Fenella Nicholas is your answer, both a manual for human and canine happiness and a memoir of how Fenella coped with waking up one morning, unable to see out of one eye. With no medical reason to explain it, she sets out to discover the reason and learns plenty about herself (and dogs) along the way.

Following her journey for a cure, Fenella encounters various healers as well as several other very important helpers: Melvin (who taught the value of mistakes), Ninja (who taught how to lead), Purdey (who taught that nothing changes without making a change), Plato, Stan and Ollie (who taught how to live in the moment), alongside many other dogs and dog owners. Exploring how the connection with man’s best friend can bring peace to our whirring minds, Fenella offers guidance in how to achieve this state, both as a dog rehabillitator and a guru of mindfulness. And, more importantly, how we can ultimately find balance by being more dog!

This book is incredible. Written with such honesty and full of so much advice. It will change your life (and your dog’s)!

by Jo Dunne

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