Troubador Be a Warrior Not a Worrier

Released: 28/04/2018

ISBN: 9781788037501

Format: Paperback

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Be a Warrior Not a Worrier

An Enlightening Approach to Conquering 12 Everyday Worries


An empowering read for people who are worriers. Offering practical solutions, coaching tools and inspirational stories. 
Also written from the authors personal experience of overcoming the crippling effects of worry.

Are you a Worrier? 

Worrying affects everyone at some point but for many of us has become an unhealthy daily habit that prevents us from being truly happy. Life Coach and Author, Hayley L Silk identifies 12 subjects we worry about the most and offers an enlightening approach to each one. Her expertise and articulation of her own suffering have been skilfully brought together in this must have book that will help you overcome the unhelpful habit of worrying. In this book, you will learn: 
• Enlightening self-discovery using proven coaching tools 
• The root causes of your worries 
• A much healthier perspective 
• How to stop worrying with simple and practical solutions  
• How to be a Warrior with your life from now on 

Humorous and heart-warming, Hayley inspires and empowers the reader to make small changes that will have a big impact. Full of expert advice, proven coaching tools, inspirational stories and quotes you will soon be silencing the worrier within and living your life fearlessly as the Warrior you were always meant to be.

At last a book that speaks my language and actually helps with the crippling issue of worrying. Easy to read with helpful interactive exercises that help to calm you down and make you think differently. It's like a best friend that you want to keep close by. Love it!

by Sandy Thompson

I really enjoyed reading this book, and found it thought provoking and inspiring. It was written with such honesty and passion, you could tell the author wrote from personal experiences.
That for me shows she’s practices what she preaches.
What I liked most about this book was you could pick it and read bite sized chapters or the whole book. The size of the book was not off putting like many others I have read.
A must have and must read for anyone suffering with worry

by Sarah

I loved this book! The writing style is very personable so you feel as though a friend is talking to you and really helping you out. You can relate well to the chapters, especially is you are a 'worrier' so being given ways to change how you think about situations and tools to help you to become a 'warrior' is fantastic! The book itself is lovely and well presented, with sections clearly broken down and a key points page from each section on a page at the end. Overall, this book is one to read cover to cover initially and then enjoy referring back to when you need it - look forward to re-reading it many times!

by Tammy Hill

This is the very best kind of book on the subject of anxiety and worry because it speaks to the reader in a personal and practical way. The individual stories Hayley presents, in order to explain her philosophy, are true and believable of so many situations many of us have found ourselves in.
Written in an accessible way with sections the reader can participate in, this form of self help enables the reader to discover for him/herself those barriers that prevent the ability to overcome problems and move forward. Taking charge of our own destiny is the first step towards becoming a warrior.

by Susan Tozer

Hayley Silk

Hayley L Silk is a certified Life Coach and Author who is passionate about helping people overcome the negative effects of worrying.

Hayley helps people to worry less, embrace happiness and find the courage to transform into powerful Warriors instead of fearful Worriers.

For more information about Hayley's expert coaching, products and free coaching tools please visit or e-mail Hayley at [email protected]

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