Troubador A Little Nostalgia for Freedom

Released: 01/02/2013

eISBN: 9781780889955

Format: eBook

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A Little Nostalgia for Freedom

Living Life to the Full


‘Or must I be content with discontent…?’ Edward Thomas

A voyage through places and ideas, A Little Nostalgia for Freedom explores the desire to, on the one hand, put down roots, to conform and fit in, and on the other yearn for a freer, more adventurous life. The consequence of surrendering our freedom to the mortgage and the career is that we might end up living not quite the life we expected to live, haunted by a sense of possibility just at the edge of our experience.

As he takes us on a wry and idiosyncratic journey through London, Morocco, Hong Kong and the Sahara, encountering thought-provoking and odd characters along the road, Steve searches for ways that we can reconnect with our lost sense of freedom by adopting a more audacious way of being and, in doing so, open up new possibilities in our lives. The result: challenging and witty insights into the roots of our restlessness and ‘five rules of the road’ for a more adventurous and possibly more fulfilling life.

A Little Nostalgia for Freedom is a playful and provoking exploration of psychological freedom that will appeal to anyone who wants to change their life. Steve blends travel, psychology and the philosophy of identity, into a slightly surreal, mischievous and challenging exploration of who we are and who we might be. The catalyst for this search is the character of Knulp, from Knulp by Herman Hesse, who provides encouragement and advice along the way.

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