Troubador 49 Ways to Sexual Well-being

Released: 28/01/2018

eISBN: 9781908779472

Format: eBook

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49 Ways to Sexual Well-being

A practical guide for women


This book focuses on women’s sexuality, taking a positive approach to thinking about ways to fully experience, enjoy and explore their sense of themselves as sexual beings. Aiming to act as a friendly guide to those women who wish to discover or rediscover a sense of connection with their sexuality, it takes the reader on a journey to discover their sexual self by way of some ideas, suggestions and practical exercises, sometimes thought provoking and often light hearted.

This book takes the view that by acknowledging the place that sexuality plays in all our lives we can make improvements in our confidence and sense of wellbeing. Unlike the traditional self-help sex manual focused on improving or mending a couple’s sex life, this book emphasises the importance of feeling sexual in or out of relationships. Content is clearly about feeling rather than doing, and embracing the part that our sexuality plays in our encounters with the world and with our sense of well-being.

Aimed primarily at the female reader - whether single or in a relationship - this book provides evidence from sexuality research in an interesting and accessible way and takes a positive, rather than problem-orientated, view of sexuality. It is packed full of motivational and practical ideas to develop a vital part of well-being.

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