Troubador 49 Ways to Pull Yourself Together

Released: 28/01/2018

eISBN: 9781908779496

Format: eBook

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49 Ways to Pull Yourself Together

A practical guide to designing and managing your life practical guide to designing and managing your


Written by an expert educator and researcher with many years’ experience in counselling and clinical hypnosis, this book is aimed at people who feel the need to somehow put their lives in order. That could be all of us! People seek books about sorting out their lives in the popular psychology sections of bookshops, but this is not an instruction manual. What it aims to do is provide stimulus material for people to create their own self-help manual, take action for themselves and control their own destiny. 

As an aid to steering their own lives, the book contains simple steps and plans of action, things to watch out for, and stimuli to choice and decision-making, all based on well-tried strategies, Sometimes people say: “I know these things”. But it is not enough to know them; what matters is that they DO them. The book is designed to encourage and guide those practical actions and warn against the obstacles or frustrations that might need to be overcome to achieve success in living, whether increased happiness, contentment or a sense of satisfaction and stability.  

This book contains narrative/anecdote, analogies, metaphor, evidence from self-help literature and practical advice on lifestyle management, and draws on psychology, time management, leadership and systems management sources.

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