Troubador Within the Water

Released: 28/06/2018

eISBN: 9781789010916

Format: eBook

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Within the Water


Once rising star of the Republic’s naval command, now disgraced officer turned pirate; Captain Benjamin Daniels is a man who treads a fine line. Deep within the waters where the remains of humanity has forged a new existence from the ashes of the land wars, Daniels knows only too well how quickly the powers that be can turn against you.  

In the wake of his disgrace, and cast adrift from the life he knew but with all the skills of a first class naval officer, he finds himself the leader of a crew of fellow exiles. Left vulnerable and at the mercy of the criminal Guild, who control whatever the Republic does not, the crew must use their skills, once learned as respectable members of society, to pull jobs for the Guild and stay one step ahead of the Republic’s troopers.  

Caught between the might of these two factions in their fight for dominance over the innocent citizens, Daniels is forced to take on a suicidal mission to protect his crew. Daniels and his crew must race against time, pursued by enemies old and new and even mother nature herself, to protect not only themselves but all the citizens of the new world. For their success will decide all of their fates and the truth of their lives within the water.

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Kelly Fallows

Kelly Fallows is a practising solicitor at a law firm in Kent, her home county. Having taken up writing fiction with friends at school, she moved onto writing her own novels while studying law at university, both in the UK and America. Within the Water is her first published novel.

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