Troubador Two of a Mind

Released: 28/03/2015

eISBN: 9781784628352

Format: eBook

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Two of a Mind


What’s the response when diplomacy fails? How will it affect our future? Do we really want to know? 24th July 2110: When the midnight chimes end at Dez’s 16th-Eve Party she realises she’s destined to be an ‘Empty’. Her subsequent attempts to connect with her Psyche-Twin have startling consequences and she soon finds herself facing the worst of nightmares. Seth has his own demons. He needs to unearth the truth about his mother’s death and enlists Dez to help in deciphering the clues hidden in her diary. Little do they realise that they will soon be searching for a merciless killer - one who is connected to them by a cruel twist of fate. Unwittingly their enquiries bring them to his attention.

Amazon 5* Review:

ByACon 23 May 2016
Format: Paperback
What a page turner! Although I'm not a sci-fi fan, the sci-fi part of the story (having a Psyche Twin) was fascinating...I'm not sure that I've come across a similar concept before. As a mum of 3 little ones, sleep is very important to me but this book robbed me of that for a couple of nights as I just kept wanting to read one more chapter...and another...and another! I'm looking forward to more from this exciting author.

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S M Stuart

Writing where and when I can! Currently between homes - living with sister-in-law while our new home is being built, or rather not being built due to the lockdown. Editing 'Echoes of the Soul' - the sequel to 'Two of a Mind', while studying and working for clients on a remote basis.

Thinking about new plot twists!

5* reviews - great to feel it's all been worthwhile
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