Troubador The Queen of Monsters

Released: 28/09/2021

ISBN: 9781800464810

eISBN: 9781800466777

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Queen of Monsters

The Tarrassian Saga


Natalia comes from a past full of darkness and a horrific childhood spent in the Siberian taiga. Her Monsters are real, and they hide in every corner of her memory. Her state of mind, fragility and child-like innocence make both humans and aliens question her sanity.

In reality, Natalia is an inspiring young woman who owns her past and fears. Her determination shapes her new alien planet's future, defeats a Sphinx and tames the scariest Monster of all. She may be afraid of her own shadow, but she is not scared to fight for love, even when it comes in the shape of her worst nightmare: a Monster.

Natalia owns her many weaknesses until they become her strengths. She fights darkness with light and unconditional love. As it turns out, those are the only weapons able to win the fight. Natalia’s dark past taught her the most important lesson of all: One is most likely to find their angels when running from Monsters.

The Queen of Monsters is the second book in The Tarrassian Saga. It features the inspiring story of one of the five Humans taken from Earth by alien slavers. The five books in the series are individual stories and do not end in cliffhangers. However, the stories are best enjoyed when read in order. The Tarrassian Saga is aimed at a mature audience.

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Aria Mossi

An English literature teacher by trade and bookworm at heart, Aria Mossi lives in rural Suffolk. However, her cosmopolitan ethnic background makes her feel like a citizen of the world, including the alien worlds she is so fond of.

These days, Aria has swapped her passion for teaching with writing and busy family life.

When she’s not chasing fantastical creatures, she attends to her magical English garden.

Aria says she would be far more efficient at both if not for her beloved children and their "pick me syndrome".

The Tarrassian Saga was a long-time coming adventure and a journey of self-discovery.

Aria's characters are praise to our Humanity. A keen observer of human nature, Aria noticed that the people who survive the most traumatic events put others at the front of their minds. Her books are a reminder of our infinite resilience, our carry-on spirit and our passions.

“I grew up with my grandmothers' inspiring stories and inherited their love for reading. A real-life person has inspired every single one of my books.

Each new story brings closure and heals in a way only our imagination can.”

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