Troubador The Harvesters

Released: 28/02/2015

eISBN: 9781784628222

Format: eBook

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The Harvesters


A race of epenthetic alien humanoids have been harvesting the human populace covertly as fodder for centuries, sharing the solar system undetected. Until the year 2137, when their primary food source becomes harder to obtain unobserved… On an interplanetary excursion, analysts from the European Space Exploration Travel Corporation (ESETC) are sent to investigate the death of an asteroid miner on Mars. Their mission is to find out what happened, but what they discover is more gruesome than they could have imagined. Meanwhile, an asteroid mining crew are half-way through a tour in the Asteroid Belt when something goes wrong. Mysterious cylindrical objects slice through the mining vessels and some crew members are killed by them. On Ganymede, a scientific team witnesses two fighting alien vessels crash onto the moon’s surface, causing damage to the outpost they are working in. One of the scientists is killed by the only surviving alien, forcing the remaining members of the team to attempt an escape. Forced to openly attack workers on Mars and mining vessels in the Asteroid Belt, these ‘harvesters’ alert the people of Earth and Mars to their presence. As plans are drawn up to defend the Martian inhabitants from these hostile, bloodthirsty creatures, military teams are dispatched by the European government on Earth to assist in a battle that will ultimately decide the fate of the human race. The Harvesters is a gripping science fiction horror set in a realistic future. Packed full of action, gore and bloodthirsty aliens, it is a thrilling read for any fans of the science fiction genre.

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