Troubador The Arbitrator

Released: 28/06/2016

ISBN: 9781785892134

eISBN: 9781785895616

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Arbitrator


Max Nowaz’s science fiction novel, The Arbitrator, follows the story of 153 year-old Jim Brown, a former highly successful administrator who is now rotting in jail, for tax fraud. However, in reality, he is there for taking revenge and killing several people on the planet Levita, after meeting the beautiful Narissa...In prison, he has acquired a drug habit, which is killing him slowly and his only chance of survival is a very expensive renewal process, which will make him young again and cure his drug habit. After ten years in jail, he is suddenly given a reprieve and offered a chance to redeem himself. He is sent as the ‘Arbitrator’ to ‘Pirrus’ in another solar system, to try and stop a rebellion and bring matters under control. Will he complete the mission successfully to earn enough funds for his regeneration? Only time will tell. Just when he thinks he has accomplished his task, he meets Gina, the daughter of a rebel, and finds out that there is a plot by foreign powers to invade the planet... The plot thickens when Brown also discovers that there is a mole in his organisation who is undermining his efforts to succeed. How will Brown react to the devastating news?




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A fantastic futuristic adventure story. A must read for Sci-fi lovers.

by Maria Diaz

A really great science fiction novel, the adventure grips you right from the start and takes the reader along with the story twist after twist to an explosive finish.

by Traveller

A really good read. Gets better as it goes along and has left me wanting to read the next one. Looking forward to it.

by Amazon Customer

Very well written novel, It has so much to offer if you are into science-fiction genre.

by Tulip

An enjoyable and fast paced read. Max has a terrific narrative style to hold his original and dramatic storyline. It was also interesting to read an honest account of how it can feel to exercise power, and I liked the twists at the end. A solid and thoughtful book and I look forward to more explorations of Max's unusually wide range of experience

by Amazon Customer

A very fast paced and interesting sci-fi book that is well worth a read. I particularly enjoyed the sci-fi storyline of the book - painting a very original and plausible vision of the future in which Earth dominates the galaxy technologically and militarily, imposing its political will on alien planets and also the planets it has itself settled/colonised.

by Amazon Customer

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