Troubador Star Matters

Released: 28/05/2018

eISBN: 9781789011210

Format: eBook

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Star Matters

Enlightenment of the Fifth Kind


Many people on Earth think that we may have been visited by aliens. Conspiracy theorists believe that governments are aware and refuse to make this information public. These conspiracy theorists are correct. 

In ages past the emerging human race on planet Earth came to the attention of race Dawn of Gaya for its spiritual awareness. A small number of Guides were sent to Earth and have lived amongst humans ever since, assisting with every significant technological and philosophical discovery in history. Amily of race Dawn of Gaya, is tasked with discreetly readying the human race on Earth for its promotion to join advanced human races across the galaxy. Born of an Earthly baby and Gayan soul, Amily and her fellow Travellers of Dawn must carefully develop selected academics and political leaders to achieve Gayan enlightenment. 

Race Spargar are rivals to Dawn of Gaya in our galactic neighbourhood. Spargar are only concerned with binding emerging human races that can be snared by their own computing and network technology. The exponential rise of Information Technology and the subsequent birth of the Internet on planet Earth makes our world a prime target for Spargar annexation. 

As their mission plays out on Earth and across the Galaxy the Travellers of Dawn tutor their specially chosen earthly contacts. They must also counter the grim invasion plans of their Spargar rivals and avoid being hunted down by Spargar agents who pay little heed to the niceties of galactic peace treaties. Let the Star Matters begin...

Star Matters 1 - Enlightenment of the Fifth Kind - is released and selling in the UK and USA

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David John West

David is a highly experienced executive in the IT industry. He holds an MA from Cambridge University in Natural Sciences. He enjoyed a long term career with Fujitsu Amdahl Corporation rising from Manager London Sales through Managing Director Africa to Senior VP Sales and Marketing Worldwide in Silicon Valley. David later held senior executive positions in large IT and startup companies. David is a professional artist and author whose latest work is the start of the Star Matters trilogy.

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