Troubador Star Matters II

Released: 28/11/2019

eISBN: 9781838597313

Format: eBook

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Star Matters II

Edge of Revelation


If they can’t handle Fake News and Brexit, how on Earth can the President and the Prime Minister cope with the arrival of alien empires?

The British Prime Minister is contacted by the Gayan star people, who announce that they are planning First Contact between their race and the people of Planet Earth. Luckily, she discovers that the British armed forces have a secret agency ready to handle such an event whilst she is embroiled in Brexit. Soon the President of the United States finds out and wants to take control of the whole situation.

Meanwhile the Gayans’ enemies also have designs on annexing planet Earth for their Spargar Empire. They send their most feared warrior leader to Earth to settle matters in their favour. Flushing out the Gayan agents who contacted the Prime Minister, he attempts to neutralise them by force or persuasion according to his own rather different agenda.

As First Contact draws near, these Gayan and Spargar forces progress their campaigns to gain control of the Earth; for Enlightenment and mutual benefit with the Gayans or annexed as a slave race to the Spargar Empire. Is this the end of mastery of their own world for the people of Earth?

Star Matters 1 - Enlightenment of the Fifth Kind - is released and selling in the UK and USA

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David John West

David is a highly experienced executive in the IT industry. He holds an MA from Cambridge University in Natural Sciences. He enjoyed a long term career with Fujitsu Amdahl Corporation rising from Manager London Sales through Managing Director Africa to Senior VP Sales and Marketing Worldwide in Silicon Valley. David later held senior executive positions in large IT and startup companies. David is a professional artist and author whose latest work is the start of the Star Matters trilogy.

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