Troubador Ripped Apart

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781784624750

eISBN: 9781784626570

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Ripped Apart


Ripped Apart is a science-fiction novel about Quantum Twins, Qwelby and Tullia, teenage aliens who interfere with a forbidden experiment and find themselves transported to Earth – Qwelby in Finland and Tullia in Africa. They need help to re-establish their telepathic connection, find each other, avoid capture and return home. They say that their people arrived on Earth 75,000 years ago, were the cause of the development of the human race, and now need the help of those humans if their race is to survive. This gripping page turner, which will appeal to sci-fi fans of all ages, takes the reader on a journey through the unseen worlds of quantum science and alternative states of consciousness. This is the first of a four book series: ‘Quantum Twins – Adventures On Two Worlds’. The most interesting aspect is Geoffrey’s connection with the Twins. It started one Saturday afternoon when they told him to sit down with pad and pen, then they wrote what became the first nine chapters of Ripped Apart. This makes the series unlike any other science-fiction novel on the market: a story created between the author and real teenage extraterrestrials. Coming from a world of peace and harmony and surviving violence on Earth, they are deeply shocked when their first mental reconnection is violently severed by a teenager on their homeworld. As they remain on Earth, they show their very human nature as they experience the confusion of their first romantic feelings – for humans.


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Tullia and Qwelby are twins, but not just any old twins. They are quantum twins, meaning they are genetically identical twins but are a boy/girl pair. This has only ever happened once before on Vertazia, and it didnt end well. When they interfere with an experiment they are hurled through space/time to Earth, which severs their telepathic connection. Will they be able to reconnect and find their way home? And why are their people fighting their return? Do you like to nitpick science fiction? If so this is the read for you. I was totally fascinated by the science involved, as Ive been interested in the concept of the multiverse and higher dimensions ever since I saw the TNG episode Yesterdays Enterprise as a child. Although a little lengthy, I thought the storyline was interesting and it didnt delve too sciency for those who dont want the nitty gritty. Im hoping the next book in the series continues the quest for reunification, and perhaps explains a little more of the Vertazian society and the reasons behind the politics and whether or not the two parallel worlds can unite or fall.

by Bookplex

Ripped Apart: Quantum Twins - Adventures on Two Worlds by Geoffrey Arnold is a compelling sci-fi read that lovers of sci-fi will love infinitely. The concept of genetically identical twins in a story is a powerful one and it only gets better when the twins are of opposite sexes. The identical twins have wonderful telepathic powers and can work in perfect sync with each other, but when--- by daring adventure --- an experiment they try goes awry, then are found thrust into Earth, a world foreign to them. Things get worst for the two teenage twins as they lose their power to communicate with each other. Will they be able to find their way to each other and ultimately find their way back to their own world?

This is a work of great imagination and genius, with very interesting characters and a concept that will be of great interest to fans of science fiction. The beautiful writing and the fast-paced plot are very powerful points that make this story a very interesting and hard-to-put-down read. Ripped Apart: Quantum Twins - Adventures on Two Worlds will entertain sci-fi fans beyond their wildest dreams.

by Bookplex

4 out of 5 stars

This book was a bit of a challenge sci-fi wise. The world written about is very layered and imaginative, and you really have to allow yourself to accept it wholesale in order to really get into the story, but if you can do that, the payoff of the narrative is wonderful. The sibling and family story is at the heart of this novel, and redeems and adds warmth to some of the more techie aspects of the writing.

by Glenda Barahona

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