Troubador Redhead

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781788037945

Format: Paperback

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•A must-read story: redheads, horror and the supernatural 
•Excellent reviews on Amazon for first edition 
•Now in revised second edition 

Redheads have always attracted attention - desired, envied, pitied, ridiculed, even persecuted. Now the sacrifices begin... 

In 1921, in the ruined city of Carthage near Tunis, a red-haired French archaeologist hears the cries of long-dead children as he stumbles upon a legendary sacrificial site. Shortly afterwards, he is viciously attacked by a hawk. 

Back in present-day London, flame-haired journalist Rebecca Burns investigates strange and macabre events which seem to be directed against redheads worldwide. Amidst all this the mysterious and chilling Dr Neferatu makes his appearance…with Rebecca as his prey. 

Helped by young astrophysicist Dr Jim Cavendish and Professor Larry Burton, an authority on ancient civilisations, Rebecca resolutely pursues her story from North Africa to Easter Island and finally to Scotland with its magnificent Neolithic monuments dedicated to the sun and the moon. Together they are drawn into an age-old feud…a feud that threatens the very existence of redheads everywhere.

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