Troubador Rage of Winter

Released: 13/04/2018

eISBN: 9781788034814

Format: eBook

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Rage of Winter


Mara Hale is a bored little, rich girl living in a fancy mansion in Upstate New York. She mourns the loss of her mother, the neglect of her high-class entrepreneur father and longs to escape the suffocating limos and bodyguards. An albino who is frequently bullied over her strangeness, she finds solace and freedom in guitar playing and song writing.

Kyle Thayer is an ex-soldier with no family and very few friends. His dishonourable discharge has left him few options and he spends his nights dodging knives and fists while working as a doorman at Cielo, a has-been nightclub, and dreaming of something better.

These two people have nothing in common and may never have even met if they hadn’t both made a very strange discovery in a cave beneath Thompkins Park: the Rage of Winter, an extremely advanced fighter aircraft unlike anything ever seen before. It is capable of invisibility, crossing oceans in minutes, has mounted guns, missiles, medical supplies, an armoury and can even leave Earth’s orbit.

The two keep this a secret for as long as they can, using it to take vacations and even rescue people from the odd house or tower fire, but soon a dark power from the outside forces them into the open: a murderous, sociopathic dictator whose influence rapidly spreads from the White House, all across the Globe.

Exciting and adventurous, this book can be enjoyed by a wide range of readers. It is developed, detailed, and professional.

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