Troubador One Man’s Journey

Released: 28/04/2021

ISBN: 9781800462229

Format: Paperback

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One Man’s Journey

A Tale of Redemption


One Man’s Journey is a re-imagining of events that occurred from the day of Tony Blair's resignation in 2007. The story is a satirical take on our hero's search for meaningful employment from that date onwards.

We follow Tony in his desperation to find a job. His bitterness at having being forced out of office pervades the entire story as does his wish to be re-united with his best friend, former-President Bush. 

Following a traumatic event, Tony is finally contacted by George who offers him a job: to be his personal representative on the first manned NASA mission to the planet Mars. In light of very little else, he accepts and blasts off to Mars accompanied by a crew of elderly astronauts. 

But the mission isn't as plain sailing as he'd hoped and Tony's time could be running out... 

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