Troubador Omnipotence

Released: 28/05/2017

eISBN: 9781788031615

Format: eBook

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Book I: Odyssey


In just a few generations Mankind will have the means and the necessity to emerge from its cosy planetary isolation and confront other intelligent life forms in the Universe. Are we ready? 

Against a backdrop of relentless global warming and deepening social conflict on Earth, an expedition sets out to secure a foothold on a distant planet thought suitable for human habitation. Almost immediately, the crew are sorely tested by a violent internal conspiracy, alien aggression and simmering emotional tensions. They complete a spectacular transition to a remote solar system where they find that their goal, as dangerous as it is exotic, already has the ominous attention of another civilisation. Moreover, a series of perplexing events suggest that their mission may be subordinate to a much greater power with its own strategic agenda. 

Essentially an adventure story, spiced with the conflicts, sex and humour typical of mankind as we know it, Omnipotence raises the scientific, philosophical and moral issues that will arise in such a venture. It is the story of how people like us might cope and how the values of human civilisation may evolve in our fast-approaching future.

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