Troubador Multiverse

Released: 14/05/2021

eISBN: 9781800469716

Format: eBook

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An Amazing Sci-Fi Adventure


When an alien spaceship crashes outside a hamlet in southern England, and the reptilian occupant gives two villagers the means for obtaining great power and travelling to parallel universes, an incredible adventure begins. But danger in the form of a giant slug like species, the mightiest in existence, which will do all it can to prevent humans from using this capability, must be faced. Can humanity survive the peril? Or will it be reduced to a slave like state and eventually become extinct, after the hamlet’s residents build a machine that allows them and their village to go to a different universe? 

Multiverse is a classic sci-fi novel, perfect for lovers of the genre.

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Trevor Foster

Born in Hove, Sussex, and worked in Brighton until moving to London. Spent many happy weekends in the village on which the hamlet in the book is based.

Educated at the Sorbonne in Paris, worked in the fine arts business in London and Lewes. Is now retired and lives in France.

Has been writing books for many years. Multiverse is the first one published.

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